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Do Youth Suicide Rates Differ Significantly between Males and Females - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay will make an earnest attempt to critically evaluate at least three of the existing explanations of the fact that, worldwide and in Australia, youth suicide rates differ significantly between males and females…
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Do Youth Suicide Rates Differ Significantly between Males and Females
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the increase in the suicide rates of males compared to females has been resulted because of the use of different suicide methods by these two categories of population. Moreover, the percentages of the graph presented in Figure 2 prove that males tend to choose suicide more than females while this differentiation is more intensive in the ages between 25 and 39 (where also the highest percentages of suicides are observed). The relevant percentages refer to Australia, however, it could be accepted that these figures could be also expected to be retrieved in most countries around the world especially in those where the social and cultural differences among the population are more intensive. An interesting finding of the above figure is the fact that the suicide rates of females remain at a standard rate (approximately at 2-6 %) in all ages while the relevant rates of males are decreased in the ages 55 to 69 and present an increase in the years 75 and over. It seems that youth is not a criterion for differentiation in the suicide rates between males and females. Any differentiation in the suicide rates between the two genders remains at a standard level for all ages. In this context, the issue of age does not seem to have an important role in the development of differences between males and females regarding the suicide rates. The only influence of youth in the differentiation of suicide rates between males and females is on the formulation of specific views regarding social and other issues. In other words, females can have different responses to the problems of their environment (family, friends, and school) than males. The above views are also supported by the percentages presented in Figure 2. The difference in the suicide rates between males and females is almost stable over the years. There is no particular differentiation between the two genders regarding the suicide rates at least through the years. On the contrary, it could be stated that there could be differences in motives or in the number of suicide attempts between the two genders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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