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The present essay "Gestalt Therapy: A Critique" will explore the main principles of the Gestalt Therapy in psychology. Gestalt psychology argues that the human brain is inclined to an organization. It tends to classify or group themes/ objects in parallel formats. …
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Gestalt Therapy: A Critique
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Download file to see previous pages A principle of psychophysical isomorphism: A correlation exists between conscious experience and cerebral activity. This refers to the individual's mental capacity to make judgments based on conscious experience. Thus the principle of psychological isomorphism rests on the totality principle.
Principle/ Law of Pragnaz: This law states that individuals try to experience things in as good a gestalt way as possible. In this sense, "good" can mean several things, such as regular, orderly, simplistic and symmetrical (Taylor, 1983).
Law of Closure: This law further clarifies the principle of totality. It merely states that the human mind fills in missing gaps in any situation to make it whole. In short, it means that human minds tend to simplify things and situations by filling in gaps to perceive them as complete.
Law of Similarity: Brown in 1997 stated that a primary component of Gestalt psychology lay in the...
This means that human minds find it simpler to understand a situation when they classify objects or situations on the basis of color, shape, size, role, function, and speed.
Law of Proximity: Human minds are prone to perceiving objects and situations as 'belonging together' (Brown, 1997). This refers to the inclination of the human mind to categorize things and viewing them in proximity to each other i.e. belonging to each other.
Law of Symmetry: This law refers to the tendency of the human mind to club symmetrical things together.
Law of Continuity: This law states that the human mind is prone to viewing and understanding objects/ situations in a pattern. If the mind perceives a cause and effect pattern in one situation, it is more prone to perceive another situation on the lines of a similar pattern.
Law of Common Fate: Human minds are inclined to perceive objects moving in the same direction as a single unit. The brain has a tendency to group objects moving in the same line, direction or curve as one unit.
Gestalt therapy is not technically an offshoot of Gestalt psychology. The therapy does borrow a few basic concepts and themes from the psychological root. Gestalt therapy is simply described as a psychotherapy which focuses on here-and-now experience and personal responsibility. It was co-founded by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940s-1950s. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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