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Tackling Problem - Article Example

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A person is facing a problem when he is uncomfortable with something or is facing the brutality and severe ness of pain. When a difficulty surrounds us, we often expostulate and ask "why me'"! This directs us to wonder about, instead of finding a solution for it…
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Tackling Problem
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Download file to see previous pages Ah! Finally I got rid of these situations. I used to be awful at remembering stuff. Little details like everyday jobs, appointments and thoughts often slipped out of my brain. And I can remember teasing that I could just remember one date, my birth date. It took me a lot of effort and research to discover techniques to prevail over my forgetfulness.
In the beginning I didn't realize the intensity of the problem and thought that these incidents were common with everyone. But as I grew up, more and more incidents of this sort took place with me. I used to forget my schedule and what I had to do in my every day life. Once when I forgot about my exam in my college I realized that I was in a grave danger and it certainly had to be encountered properly!
As a normal person the solution that first came to my mind was to keep a notebook with me so that I could write all the things I have to do in my daily life. I even considered going to some doctors but prescribed pills wasn't the only solution to my problem. My problem was very rare as the pills which the doctors prescribed did not help; and I now believe in the following quote:
So, I decided that I have to work on the problem by myself. Firstly I thought that it wouldn't be much of a problem for me to solve this matter. But a time came when I realized that it was out of my grasps and in order to get the situation to its norms I have to work really hard.
I personally think that keeping a booklet is not the only solution. I have gone through many situations where it was necessary for me to use my wits and times in which I didn't have a notepad with me. Thus carrying a book helped me, but I used it only when I didn't have any other option.
I've enhanced my power to remember things as a result of my efforts and now I'm able to convey debates without written copy of it, accumulate ideas for my job and education and approximately never fail to complete my tasks and pledges. By experimenting and researching, I've discovered some precious and important tricks to prevent forgetfulness.
Here are some of the finest procedures I've found to recover my remembrance. A remembrance trick I observed was to connect things. It worked amazingly great, every time I required remember a series of information. As once I had to remember three home chores:
1. To prepare lunch
2. To do the dishes
3. To wash clothes
To remember these things, I visualized the two things in my mind and linked them. I imagined myself having lunch in a giant bowl. In this imagination I had focused on two things, one is my meal and other is the gigantic bowl. The scene I imagine was too impractical and stuck in my mind. After making an obvious picture of these two things in my mind I linked the clothes with these two. I imagined that the bowl slipped off my hand and spoiled my dress. In this way I linked all the three things in an exaggerated imagination. Those unusual and unrealistic imaginations used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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