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The Relationship between Temperament and Character Inventory, Three Dimensional Model, and The NEO Personality Inventory - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal describes the relationship between temperament and character Inventory, a three-dimensional model, and the NEO personality inventory. This paper analyses methodology, objectives, data gathering instrument, Bivariate Correlation, Weighted Mean, and Pearson Correlation…
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The Relationship between Temperament and Character Inventory, Three Dimensional Model, and The NEO Personality Inventory
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Extract of sample "The Relationship between Temperament and Character Inventory, Three Dimensional Model, and The NEO Personality Inventory"

Download file to see previous pages In everyday life, an individual's personality traits are roughly determined by watching the person directly, by asking what other people think about him, or by merely asking him how he would respond in a certain situation. Much of what we know about personality relies on the patterns of behavior that make the person adjust to his environment and how his differences distinguish himself from the others (Eysenck, 1992).
Along with various researches and study of personality, this paper will focus on personality inventories that have been developed by researchers Claude Robert Cloninger, Hans Eysenck, Paul T. Costa, Jr., and Robert R. McCrae. The aim of this study is to assess the self-report measures of the respondents in reference to the Temperament and Character Inventory, Three Dimensional Model, and the NEO Personality designed by the above-mentioned researchers. Moreover, this study will also investigate the relationship between the different personality dimensions in relation to the personality inventories that will be used in this research.
This study aims to explore the respondents' self-evaluation and the self-report measures of personality developed by Cloninger, Eysenck, and Costa. Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions;
This part deals with the research methods of the study, data gathering instruments, and the data gathering procedures.
Data Gathering Instrument
The instruments to be used in gathering the data will be the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), EPQ inventory and Neo Personality Inventory. The Temperament and Character Inventory was developed by Cloninger and it attempts to establish differences between people with respect to seven dimensions of temperament and character. The TCI can be administered to individuals from 15 years of age. There are 240 questions of the TCI answerable with "correct" or "incorrect". This test comprises four temperament scales and three character scales consisting of seven scales and 24 subscales. The temperament scales are called Novelty Seeking (NS), Harm Avoidance (HA), Reward Dependence (RD) and Persistence (PE). The character scales are Self-Directedness (SD), Cooperativeness (CO) and Self-Transcendence (ST).
The EPQ is another standardized test developed by Hans Eysenck. This questionnaire aims to assess personality and temperament consisting of 100 questions answerable by "yes" or "no".  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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