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Bullying and Attachment Styles - Coursework Example

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Attachment is the emotional bond that is established between primary giver and a child. It begins in infancy and continues through adulthood.( Bowlby 1968) Attachment can be categorised into two broad categories: secure and insecure.( Ainsworth Bell and Syton 1971) A secure attachment provides a person with a secure base from which to explore the world, and the individual is aware that another person is there to provide support when they are in distress, hence secure individuals are able to develop healthy interpersonal relationships with their peers and others…
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Bullying and Attachment Styles
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Extract of sample "Bullying and Attachment Styles"

Download file to see previous pages This study will use a purposive sample of university students to gather self-reports of attachment with parents, relationships with others, and bullying experiences, "Then", retrospectively of high school, and "Now" at university. The aim of this study is to bring awareness of bullying and to bring in anti bullying schemes not only in schools but universities.
Attachment is an emotional bond formed first during infancy between the primary caregivers and the child. Later attachment figures are expected to be peers during the high school years (Freeman & Brown, 2001). It is through the process of attachment to a significant other that an individual learns to interact with others, and to take part in meaningful and balanced interpersonal social relationships (Bowlby, 1969). Research into attachment styles and patterns began in the early 1960s (Ainsworth, 1968; Ainsworth, Bell & Stayton, 1971; Bowlby, 1969). Since, the topic was introduced there has been an avid research area among social scientists. Most researchers take an ecological approach in that the "whole" life of the individual is taken into account (Hamilton, 2000). Attachment styles can be divided into two broad categories: secure and insecure (Ainsworth, Bell & Stayton, 1971). Secure relationships result in healthy social relationships with others, and in cases of parents/caregivers, these significant others are seen as sources of support. Whereas insecure relationships are tend to result in unbalanced social interactions as the individual finds it difficult to trust others, and parents/caregivers are perceived as unreliable and unsupported.
Childhood attachment styles have been found to be stable into adolescence and adulthood (Hamilton, 2000; shield, 2001). Further, studies indicate that individuals of insecure attachment styles have a greater likelihood to become bullies, or to be bullied.

Attachment: A Review of Literature
Attachment is the emotional bond that grows between the child and caregiver (Bowlby, 1968/1982). Attachment processes facilitate a child in future relationship building. Often in western societies the mother is the primary caregiver. John Bowlby (1969/1982) developed a theory about a child's relationship with its mother that was paradigmatic shift in how familial relationships were viewed. After reading Lorenz's (1935) paper on imprinting, Bowlby had empirical support for rejecting Freud's reason of sensuous oral fixation. The mother-infant bond was more than oral gratification and mother love. He used concepts from ethnology to investigate and explain child-mother relationships. Spitz (1962) and Erikson (1960) encouraged Bowlby to explore the idea of critical periods in a child's psychological development (cited in Bowlby, 1969/1982). Especially, he focused on a critical period for bonding to occur, and initiated studies into mother-child separation. He also incorporated theories by Fabian (1952) and Winnicott (1965) of object relations, and so emphasized interpersonal relationships, particularly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A bully is someone who repeatedly attacks another individual who does not resist (Berger, 2006) and constantly harasses somebody else either physically or psychologically (Bosworth, Espelage, Simon, 1999). Bullying is manifested in many different ways such as physical, verbal and relational bullying (Berger, 2006). As a result of bullying, victims may experience anger, sadness, and depression which can lead to lo...
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At the same time, those children who were the victims of bullying behavior in the school environment have a higher risk for later maladjustment (Schwartz, Dodge & Cole, 1993: 1755). The good news is that because bullying usually happens on a recurrent basis between two people who already know each other, it can also usually be identified and prevented quicker and easier than later deviant behavior, perhaps with the added bonus of decreasing criminal behavior among adults. Before teachers and administrators can reduce bullying in the schools, they must understand the prevalence of the problem, it is the development and how to identify it as well as have knowledge of the approaches that have successfully reduced these behaviors...
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The literature reviewed is taken from the following EBSCO databases: Academic Search Premier, Master FILE Premier, Communication & Mass Media Complete, Psychology, and Behavioral Sciences Collection, PsycINFO, and PsyARTICLES a the internet. The primary keywords used were workplace, bullying, mobbing, workplace problems, victims, hazing, organizations, public sector, and the private sector. The aim was to examine the problem of workplace bullying, attempting to determine the current level of incidence of workplace bullying as well as ways in which this could be diminished.

At present, there is not a consensus among researchers as to what exactly defines bullying. (Agervold, 2007; Kelly, 2006; Khalil, 2009; Lally, 20...
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