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Understanding Leadership in the Actors Approach - Essay Example

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Arbnor, I. and Bjerke, B., in their “Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge” describe the Analytical, Systems and Actors Approaches, the three different methodological approaches, opted by persons doing research/consulting/investigation. …
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Understanding Leadership in the Actors Approach
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Download file to see previous pages This paper aims at the development of an understanding of leadership in the actors approach.

A Laboratory Director is perhaps the kind whose forte is the methodology of the analytical approach. He/she inculcates and upholds its standards rigorously. The onus is more on proofs of a particular nature to validate or reject a particular hypothesis. The analytical approach has a deterministic, mechanistic outlook and is limited for use only to the study of certain types of phenomena as an independent observer.

A process and product view such as the systems approach sees results as a consequence of the synergy at work between the parts that build up the system. It also compares structures for their morphological similarity with otherwise unrelated systems. A leader in such a milieu can correlate pattern with purpose and propose specific restructuring that would better the process or system in terms of the benefits that result from it. Things appear with less fixity in this approach, they have more mutability, and there is a role of goal-setting and exercising one's volition. There is greater scope for subjectivity in this kind of leadership and the leader is deemed a success in terms of effectiveness viz. did the means suggested or strategy he adopted help achieve the desired outcome? Many industrial managers and administrators show their adeptness and abilities in applying such an approach.
While the methodology of the analytical approach is only to verify compliance to pre-determined purposes, the methodology of the systems approach is about intelligent adaptation and evolution. The latter is inspired by relatively higher forms of life whereas the former appears rooted in inorganic nature.
The actors approach has developed from historical and current experiences in social life by individuals and groups. It does not attempt a sacrosanct "objectivity" for knowledge but rather views it as a result derived from the inter-subjectivity of communication and interaction between individuals. It implies an increased awareness of our willful selectivity in perceiving or defining our reality.
A leader who uses this approach to his/her work is empathetic, has an excellent grasp of the dialectics of inter-subjectivity, and prefers a one-to-one approach in understanding and dealing with other members of his group/team rather than treat them as objects with pre-determined roles to comply. He/she resolves contradictions that exist betweenan individual's definitions, interpretations and aspirations and those of others in the team by helping them to understand each other and their roles within the organization for affecting a synthesis where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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