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This paper “The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization” encompasses a personal reflection of a patient portfolio for pain. It will examine in depth client profile looking at history taking and physical exam, diagnostic tests, diagnoses, and appropriate management/ treatment…
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The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization
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Download file to see previous pages There are different expectations of reflection dependent upon your level of study. Goodman (19984) identifies three levels of reflection (level 1-3). At level 1 reflection is largely a descriptive account of what happened and the part the nurse played in this. Largely a descriptive account of what happened and the part the nurse played in this. There is a minimal exploration of health care professional’s feelings but little beyond this. At level two students will be expected to identify their learning. And draw conclusions about patient care that are transferable to other situations. Students will need to demonstrate their own knowledge base by applying theory to practice and analyzing theory in the light of practice. Finally, the third level reflection acknowledges wider ethical and political resources. This equates with Taylor (2000) issues of reflection: technical at level 1, practical at level 2 and emancipatory at level 3.
This personal reflection of a client profile looking at history taking and physical exam, diagnostic tests, diagnoses, and appropriate management/ treatment and referral will be interpreted using the Gibbs and Johns models. These methods will demonstrate evidence based on practice/ best practice and interprofessional/ collaborative working. This is the typical pain that we have all experienced. It is the signal of tissue irritation, impending injury, or actual injury. Nociceptors in the affected area are activated and then transmit signals via the peripheral nerves and the spinal cord to the brain. Complex spinal reflexes (withdrawal) may be activated, followed by perception, cognitive and affective responses, and possibly voluntary action. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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