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Mental Health Policy or Psychiatry - Research Paper Example

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In the United States, mental illnesses have been traditionally perceived as distinct forms of illnesses from the conventional perception of other physical illnesses as in general medical conditions. It is evident that until recently, there had been unfair discrimination against the mentally ill…
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Mental Health Policy or Psychiatry
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Download file to see previous pages The inpatient model of psychiatric care delivery has long been proved to be inadequate, and inadequate funding in programs has limited access to care for the prospective population through the outpatient and community approach. This calls for a mental health policy that would attempt to solve these problems in care delivery, ultimately with the objective of improvement of mental health care quality and mental health status of the population in general (Kermis, 1987).
Most countries have currently mental health policies of their own. The basic drivers of these mental health policies are the need to have a preventative mental health service that can reach the prospective clients in the community. This is in contrast to previous approach of curative mental health center based psychiatric care that deploys care to the psychiatrically ill patients. Apart from stigmatization, this approach draws upon the fact that a patient with psychiatric illness will never be normal. However, with improvement of knowledge about factors leading to mental illnesses, it is increasingly clear that these patients can be intervened more successfully with a changed approach and many of them can lead a very successful and productive life (Mechanic, 2002). Therefore, it remains to be examined whether really mental health policies have driven these changes in care forms. There is indeed a need for systems, processes, and services which are able to promote mental health, diagnose mental problems early, assume approaches that are preventive, and foster access to services in terms of psychiatric health. According to current statistics unfortunately, about two-thirds of the affected population fails to access services. Moreover, there are disparities in service utilization rates between people of ethnic and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These discrepancies as has been indicated by studies may be eliminated by policy directives for psychiatric service delivery. Given the volume of literature, a literature review and critical analysis of current knowledge in this area is mandated in order to establish the relevant knowledge.
This study aims to examine the current psychiatric care and its relevance to mental health policies.
Better understanding of mental illnesses has made it possible to identify factors which have shaped the current mental health policy.
Research Questions
1. What are the main features of current mental health policy
a. What are the approaches for established psychiatric illnesses
b. Are there any known risk factors which can indicate future mental illnesses
c. How the current psychiatric management approaches conform to mental health policies in these areas
2. Are there systems, processes, and services within the realm of mental health policies that can adequately cover the psychiatric illnesses
a. Are there any access issues for the affected population
b. What are the responses of the states and territories to mental health policies
c. Are the policies and services adequately responsive to the special needs of the communities
3. Are there any discrepancies in service delivery in psychiatric illnesses
a. Are there any identifiable barriers in service utilization and realization
b. Are there any perceived benefits of implementation of mental health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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