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Behavior Intervention Plan - Research Paper Example

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In the year 2000-2001 school year it is estimated that more than 470,000 children and youth with emotional disturbance were provided with special education and other related services in public schools (Festinger, 1959).
The causes of the emotional disturbance can not be adequately determined .Such factors as hereditary, brain disorder, diet, stress and family function have been attributed to cause emotional disturbance though research has not yet been able to fully verify this…
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Behavior Intervention Plan Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Children with serious cases of emotional disturbance may experience distorted thinking, excessive anxiety, bizarre acts and abnormal mood swings among others. These children are mainly identified to have severe psychosis or schizophrenia (Miller, 1999).
Many children who do not suffer from emotional disturbances may exhibit some of this behaviors at various stages of their development .However it s is observed that children have disturbances and may be experienced over long period s of time ,this may be caused by their inability to cope with the environment or the peers (Greene, 2001).
This paper focuses on the causes and implications of emotional disturbances among young people and the youth especially in their school setting .It broadly discusses various ways and methods that can be used by teachers, parents and other relevant parties to overcome this problem. Among the method s used in collection of data include survey, observation, interviews, and review of online materials s from the internet. Data collected form various schools offering special services have been of great importance for this study.
Programs for children with emotional l disturbance need to include attention and support in regard to behavior .This should help them to master academic skills; social skills self control and self awareness and should increase their self esteem. A body of research exists which is aimed at providing children with positive behavioral supporting the school environment .This is aimed at minimizing problem behavior and foster positive behavior among the children within and outside the school setting (Greene, 2001).
For children whose behavior impedes learning then individualized education can be considered .Appropriate strategies to address the problem which includes positive behavioral interventions and support can be of importance (Koplewicz, 1997).
Students who are enrolled for special education services categorical to emotional disturbance may be introduced to services such as psychological counseling .These services are important and other related services which are provided for under the law by qualified social worker, psychologist, guidance counselor or other qualified professional in the field (Festinger, 1959).
In the recent years there has been a growing recognition concerning families, their children, respite care, intensive case management and the collaborative multi-agency approach to this services .Communities are working towards the provision of this wrap around services. A number t of organizations and agencies has been adversely growing and are involved in establishing support services to the community (Festinger, 1959).
Families of children with emotional problems may need support to help them understand the condition s affecting their children and thee need to learn ways on how they can effectively work with them., help is available from psychiatrist ,psychologist and other mental professionals in private and public health care .The affected children should be assessed on their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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