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Cognitive Interview - Assignment Example

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The participants were 68 children aged five to nine years divided on the basis of school year group. The youngest year group was five to six years, the intermediate group was six to seven years, and the oldest age group was eight to nine years.
The event took the form of two strangers taking part in a school assembly by reading and acting out a poem…
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Cognitive Interview
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Download file to see previous pages The interviewer then asked them to give a second account but this time it was preceded by the specific instruction to try harder, to change perspective, to change context or to change order. The categories into which recall data could be placed were determined by the nature of the event "(
The success of CI relies heavily on the condition of the interviewer and witness. Therefore the success of CI relies heavily on the cooperation of the interviewer and witness therefore the success or failure of procedure depends on communication.
In the three studies there were no significant between group differences in the effects of CI instructions as compared to a try harder control group. This leads to the conclusion that the memory enhancing effects of CI reported in earlier studies may be due to increased interviewer and interviewee motivation to work harder.
It was also discovered that the interviewer and the interviewee motivation to work hard led to increased memory enhancement.
Aldridge, N.N, (1999); Enhancing Children's Memory through Cognitive Interviewing, Springer
Publishers, Netherlands.vol.19, 2.
Bekerian D.A. and Dennet J L, (1993); Cognitive Intervi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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