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As I watch James Brown's 'I feel Good' music video,I couldn't help but notice the largely Caucasian audience dancing at the backdrop.Nothing is wrong with singing to an audience of different race per se,but considering the long history of division between the negro people and the whites one can infer that James Brown's decision to do so might have emanated from his deep desire to express his talent …
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African-American psychology
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African-American Psychology As I watch James Brown's 'I feel Good' music video, I couldn't help but notice the largely Caucasian audience dancing at the backdrop. Nothing is wrong with singing to an audience of different race per se, but considering the long history of division between the negro people and the whites one can infer that James Brown's decision to do so might have emanated from his deep desire to express his talent at a time when racial segregation was still very much a reality in the American society. Even under the critical eye of the sneering public, Brown plunged and took the risk. That single-minded desire for self-expression and recognition, was in fact shared by the whole Afro-American people.
Compare the video to that of Janet Jackson's 'Together Again,' one gets stunned immediately by the colorful background of the African plain and the mixed race of people dancing with Jackson at the background. This is a complete revolution of change; an Afro-American singing a tribute to mother Africa; imparting a message that technology and the glitters of freedom and modern life cannot erase the factual origin of the Negro people.
What brought about this change No one can dispute the long struggle shared of the African-Americans from slavery to racial segregation and disenfranchisement, and all other forms of discrimination and abuse. But was it mainly the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. that brought about freedom to the Negro What about the contribution of Malcolm X and his efforts to snatch away liberty "by all means necessary"
Of the two leaders, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. has lived on. His non-violent means to advance the cause of the Negro has elevated their status far above that of the Caucasian counterpart that espoused oppression, intimidation, and violence. He not only won the freedom of the Negros but he also raised their self-esteem as a people and gave them the dignity of Christian brotherhood. Malcolm's struggle could not prosper for long for it is a fact that those who spouse violence to fight violence have themselves become as violent as their oppressors are and therefore not deserving of sympathy of a Christian Martyr. While King died the martyr's death, Malcolm who "lived by the sword," had died by the sword; with him, his cause; with him, his movement.
The spirit of the Negro's quest for freedom has not died with Martin Luther King; as it never did stop at the foot of Edmund Pettus Bridge; nor did it end at the roads of Montgomery. They carried on the torch of struggle for the next forty years or so to elect a negro to become the first president of the United States. Such courage, such wisdom, such spirit; a character that can rightfully be owned by a phenomenal race; the phenomenon which is the Negro people.
As I watch Barack Obama delivering his acceptance speech, I was touched by the multi-racial crowd: African-Americans, Europeans, Asians, and the list went on to include, Protestans, Catholics, Buddhists; all joining hand in hand; feeling, savoring every word of the first black President; each hoping to build a prosperous, and united egalitarian society. With the likes of Janet Jackson and other Afro-American entertainers, artists, politicians, professionals, and men and women in sports, in the media, and academe, together, the Negro people can expect bright prospects ahead. Read More
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African-American Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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