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Prospective Memory - Essay Example

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In the above article, Criado says that a monument is not only a thing of the past, but also it belongs to the future, because it is built for the future by the past and should be viewed as such. Retrospective and Prospective memories are connected with one another in the same way…
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Prospective Memory
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Download file to see previous pages Prospective memory is also about remembering to perform a certain action as planned either at a future date or at a future time. It is neither the past action, nor the present; it is the future and the connected actions that we decide to undertake at a planned time, at this hour, or on this day, or before this day, or before this month. There is no doubt that this is a highly significant part of human psychology that should be given immense attention through studies and researches. But somehow it has not been so. Scholars in the field grumble that very little research is done in this area, and there exists an awful gap in the research. Prospective memory pitted against the age still remains a widely speculated field with hardly any worth-mentioning research. It is connected with the triggering of memory or the cue for such an initiative and it is also connected with the time-based stimulus of intention. This brings home the necessity of possessing attentional resources to identify the resources of the intention. Recently there had been some intense studies about the topic from both time based and event based angle. There are also studies from the disease point of view, especially Parkinson's and Alzheimer. This paper goes through the recent researches conducted in the above fields of prospective memory. Talking about the importance of research in the field, one paper is of the opinion that: "There are at least three reasons why research in prospective remembering is highly relevant. Firstly, prospective memory is of great relevance for everyday life. Secondly, prospective memory is of enormous clinical relevance. Thirdly, prospective memory research is of tremendous theoretical relevance" Kleigel and Martin (2003).
Prospective memory plays a very important role in everyday life as most work that an individual intends to do is related to it. "Prospective memory plays a predominant role in everyday living. Our lives are directed towards the future, with plans and actions forming a major component of this" Mizuno,
In their research Einstein et al (1995, 1996), after diligent and painstaking experiments, came to the conclusion that there is an age-related variation in the prospective memory region and this affects the capability of a person, mainly because the older people do not think about the task or the time, as much or as clearly as the younger people do. "The major feature of this view is that self-initiated thoughts, such as thinking about the prospective memory task and monitoring the time, simply occur less often in older adults." This study also renders another explanation for the specificity effect saying that the categorical intentions require more self-initiated processing than specific intentions do. It had always been an accepted fact that age affects the person's memory. Still, this argument remains quite ambiguous and open to criticism. There is much research which says that it need not be so. But the age-old, accepted belief that it does affect. Still it is a difficult field to come to a conclusion and needs many more researches. There is another argument that since it is a very well-known and well accepted fact tha ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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