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Fiction - Personal Statement Example

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As I lean back on my seat, I cannot see much across the maze of legs. But there it is: a peeping toe, looking pale and polished out of a lady's dirty-pink sandals in soft calf leather. Cannot see much of the feet though, and not much else at all.
I am tired, we had had a long day exploring, looking around, walking…
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Extract of sample "Fiction"

Download file to see previous pages In Singapore it is very difficult to guess a person's age, especially if it is a woman we are talking about: some of them look like schoolgirls, but actually have college-going kids, no kidding. And this is the guess you make when you can see the entire person. What if all you can see is a toe across a crowded train
Must be in her thirties, I guess. Can't be returning from her office, very few offices in Singapore allow such shoes, in my two weeks here, I have learned to pick out the office goers from the motley crowd of students, housewives, tourists and shoppers. She does not have Caucasian skin, nor an Indian or black mahogany, so maybe a Chinese or Malay Singaporean, not sure.
On the other side, on the corner seat across, there is a young kootchie cooey couple asleep in each other's arms. The girl in huge red sunglasses is leaning into the guy's chest, sitting on his lap, clutching the hem of his t-shirt. He is in small, really dark blue glasses and since he is facing me directly, I can't help feeling watched.
He has a protective arm around the sleeping girl. But there is something strained about both their postures, which gives me the feeling they are putting on a show, a tableaux of youthful, innocent love.
Fingernails are pampered by the women here, and most have tiny, detailed drawings or patterns painstakingly applied in nail salons, where petite girls with beautifully manicured fingers, blond-streaked hair and ever-smiling expressions pore cross-eyed over a foot or a palm.
Men are equally conscious about grooming, but I have passed many of these by in various malls and have never picked up the courage to step into one, fearing ridicule at my over-trimmed nails.
I know they wouldn't throw me out just because they don't like the way my feet look, they like their money. But Singaporeans can convey more disapproval by the barely perceptible rise of one brow than any other race, except perhaps the French or the British, can manage in an entire tirade. Women in particular.
This painted toenail, however, is the sort that would win praises from the girls at the nail salon. It is not old, I don't think, because I see no ridges. No tell-tale cracks in the paint either or maybe I am making it up, I can't see the toe well enough to figure out any blemishes.
But that is not for want of trying.
I peer, as discreetly as I possibly can, while I nod away at my friend, whose words I barely catch. Intent on the toe alone, I keep watching. I love women with French pedicures, the neat strips of creamy white on their nails, and that wonderful illusion of a naturally perfect nail created by paint alone.
At the next station new people walk in, some go out. But the toe stays put, its owner still out of sight.
So I look around at the new bunch of people. One of them catches my eye, a tall European, probably a German, given his size and air of formal self-importance, in a striped shirt, formal trousers, and square-toed office shoes.
And out of nowhere, I think of him first in casuals, and finally without any clothes at all. This man would act the same, I am so sure, whether in his office trousers, in his shorts on the beach or in bed with his wife: polite, very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Fiction Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Fiction Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Fiction Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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