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Knowledge Issues: History and Human Sciences - Essay Example

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History and human sciences are major sources of information for academic advancement and in understanding the evolution of a civilization, including the changes of human behaviors as they respond to the societal stimuli that encourage changes or adaptation…
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Knowledge Issues: History and Human Sciences
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Download file to see previous pages The horses which used to be the historic mode of transportation, for instance, has been replaced with cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters or choppers as invention radically evolved throughout the past decades. Armed conflicts inspired by resource-based conflict for want of control among states have started with the use of knives and swords but which is replaced with different weapons of armory and the use of lethal chemicals for warfare. The strategies of conventional warfare also changed as guerilla warfare, both in the mountains and urban centers, are supported with technology that can tract peoples movement using satellite imagery and information technology. These advancements have indeed changed peoples’ behaviors as variegated theories came into perspective along with the advancement of economy and technology. These are propelled by historical details that gracefully shaped ideas, provide direction, and realized creative patterns of societal development. This is also true to sociological, economic, philosophical, and psychological information that has evolved from ancient time to post-modern period. These theories supported the development experiments and encourage further researchers which also aided the advancement of medical profession that uses now advance technology for healthcare and for pharmacological development – which is radically different than that of traditional medication in the olden days. Ways of Knowing: Perception and Reason Historians were excellent at recording these developments by writing books, preserving images of places and peoples, recording anthropological stories, and painstakingly analyzing the developments to provide historical context and meaning to new generations of scholars. These records are preserved in historical books, encyclopedia, research databases, and other sources where historic facts can be generated. It has become a wealthy resource for managing human behaviors, in dealing diplomatic relations with states, in upholding conciliation for regional conflicts, in improving healthcare management, and in improving infrastructures to fit the needs of the communities as well as the political aspiration of the civilization. These volumes of academic historical facts became a compendium for comparative analysis that may delve on the complexity of the relations between scientific knowledge and actions of civilization, including the processes they have undertaken that could provide breadth in the intellectual passions of a nation (Coppieters & Huysseune, 2002). These records of the past and how it impact to human sciences which inspire contextual political discourses in peoples movements, in national unrests, in nation-building, and in interpreting divergent understanding of the nation (Coppieters & Huysseune, 2002). These are significant for scholars whose passion is centered on impartiality truthfulness and moral accountability. And thus, history provides interpretive understanding of national contexts which researchers would love to delve about to understand the relation between academic pursuit, state’s political objectives of the state, and the reconstruction of identities who could be subject of inquiry. Researchers likewise contended that scientific knowledge may provide prominence on the identities from past and use it as a blueprint for future intervention to accord redress to historical grievances in an objective and scientific manner—taking hold of the context when the circumstance occurred. This is also true among entrepreneurs who are constantly engaged in understanding the rapid changes of its environment. They constantly used information from its records, including its historical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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