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Sociocultural Factors on Alcohol Consumption in University Students - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the role of sociocultural factors in promoting alcohol consumption by students from Bangor University. The research establishes that alcohol use is associated with the ability to suppress negative emotions, and it is used by university students as coping mechanism or tool…
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Sociocultural Factors on Alcohol Consumption in University Students
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Extract of sample "Sociocultural Factors on Alcohol Consumption in University Students"

Download file to see previous pages This study investigates the numerous social factors that contribute to alcohol drinking and abuse for university students. The issue of gender on alcohol consumption has been investigated and results indicate that there is a difference in female and male drinking. Research should be focused on understanding how alcohol abuse fits into young people’s lives and how it is embedded in their numerous developmental phases. There been increase in the number of young people who are involved in alcohol consumption especially in universities. Alcohol consumption and abuse in universities when looked at from the social context indicates that the social environment in universities is characterized by heavy alcohol abuse. This creates a culture where such consumption and use of alcohol is normative, with this unique drinking environment appearing to be a salient factor underlying heavy drinking amongst university students. Alcohol consumption by university students may be driven by intentions to induce, maintain or increase positive affective states. Research studies among university going students established that expectancies regarding the positive social impacts of alcohol as a major contributing factor to alcohol abuse by college students. Impulsivity is also another psychosocial factor that research studies have attributed to increased alcohol consumption among university students. Impulsivity is manifested by a general tendency to act without planning or thinking about it in an effort to attain self-gratification. (Rosenquist et al., 2010). Impulsivity is used by Worthy, Jonkman, & Blinn-Pike (2010) in their research into alcohol consumption, and its use as a base construct sensation seeking behaviour witnessed in alcohol consuming university students. (Lyvers et al., 2010) established that sensation seeking behaviour and impulsivity are associated with increased alcohol consumption by university students. Manifestation of sensation seeking behaviour and impulsivity is characterized by increased responsivity to effects of alcohol and increased motivation to obtain stimulation from alcohol consumption. There is also an increased probability of acting on these motivations without considering their potential consequences. In their research study, Hasking, Lyvers and Carlopio (2011) established that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociocultural Factors on Alcohol Consumption in University Students Essay.
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