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Pain Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Pain Introduction In the discipline of psychology, several approaches help in defining how pain comes into the lives of individuals and the expected ramifications such as permanent disability in some cases. These approaches include those dealing with cognition, behavior and humanity among others…
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Download file to see previous pages The consequences of the symptoms when viewed from the perspective of classical conditioning ensure that human beings are wholly protected from harmful stimuli. In classical conditioning, positive and negative reinforcements play a crucial role in manipulating human emotions and feelings. It also connects with the social learning theory that largely encompasses the use of cognitive concepts to establish social contexts through observation and in depth psychosocial analysis (Crombez et al, 2007). Observational learning is another part of social learning that assist in assessing the overall impact of chronic pain particularly through direct enforcement. Despite the success of behavioral approaches in using various concepts and theoretical models to find a lasting solution in lessening the effects of chronic pain, cases of disabilities and even death persist proving it hard for psychologists to control the growing menace. Background Behaviorism is a fundamental approach in the field of psychology that helps in understanding pain. Pain could be in two forms namely acute or chronic and they come with varied symptoms that include irritation and frustration among others. However, such pain is often felt in the body through either injuries or disease to a part of the body resulting to a sensation. Such sensation in turn causes a stimulation that gets enforced into the body system through classical conditioning (Flor et al, 2002). In classical conditioning, certain reinforcements safeguard the body from pain such as the possession of strong stimuli incase of danger. Main Body According to behaviorist psychologists, pain encompasses the damaging stimuli or the distasteful feeling that a person experiences to avert the same experiences in the future. However, behaviorism in psychology is an approach that inculcates the values of methodology, theory and philosophy to investigate the observable behavior of individuals. Behaviorists, therefore, assert that any form of pain can be subjected to scientific scrutiny and should not fall to hypothetical constructs that include beliefs and thoughts. It means a critical examination of the concept of behaviorism entails assessing pain from biological, cognitive and behavioral perspectives. In the same capacity, pain transcends various realms connected to personality differences and the social environment because of individuals’ uniqueness in perceiving emotions and feelings. This often elicits positive emotional response that links behaviorism with pain especially in cases where people display hurt through visible stimuli such as screaming and yelling. Behaviorism through social learning theory, therefore, maintains that learning is enforceable through observation of punishments or rewards. In behaviorists’ view, learning is not limited to behavioral processes rather there are other social contexts that entail cognitive and vicarious enforcement (Gatchel et al, 2007). Psychological factors are thus instrumental in influencing learning in the subject of social learning theory in terms of motivation and other forms of integrative approach. Learning through observation is equally critical in understanding the impacts of pain when it is either self-inflicted or inflicted by others. Consequently, this is often accompanied by varied responses that give different types of pains in the body and mind for the victim. On the same context, behaviorist maintain that human behavior can be interpreted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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