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How Two Theories Explain Alcoholism - Research Paper Example

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This essay will analyze the two theoretical perspectives that explain the origin of the problem of alcoholism and how it develops from childhood. Alcoholism is a progressive and chronic disease that results from lack of control of alcohol drinking and preoccupation with alcohol even when it poses problems and elicits psychological dependence…
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How Two Theories Explain Alcoholism
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Download file to see previous pages Such processes depict the primary human development and vary substantially with the characteristics of the developing person and the contexts and time within which the process takes place. It is therefore the humble objective of this essay to establish how alcoholism emerges in the process of human development according to Brofenbrenner. The theory identifies three types of personal characteristics that could shape future developments through their capacity and ability to influence the direction and power of proximal processes through the entire life course. First, disposition can set proximal processes in motion depending on the development domain and even continue to sustain their operation. This implies that the availability of alcohol within the environment determines whether an individual will choose to indulge or not. Similarly, the bio-ecological resources of ability, experience, knowledge, and skill are required for the effective functioning of proximal processes at a given stage of development. Thus, an individual cannot engage in an activity without prior knowledge of the activity. Finally, there are certain demand characteristics that also affect the process. For instance, when a person comes from a family where the caregivers do not drink the person may be automatically discouraged to indulge in drinking (Whitfield & Davidson, 2007). They invite or discourage reactions from the social environment and can foster or discourage the operation of proximal processes. The differentiation of these three forms leads to a combination of patterns within the person structure that can account for the further differentiation of direction and power of these proximal processes and their resultant effect on the development of the individual. The new...
This essay approves that the two theories contrast in the aspect that the cognitive behavior theory believes drinking is an action from pure individual choice whether conscious or subconscious while the bio-ecological human development theory believes that drinking results from a multiplicity of issues some beyond the individual’s control. The bio-ecological theory on the other hand simply explains how the habit develops and does not give a stand whether it is a commendable habit or not. Instead, it traces it to circumstances, which implies that the habit is unavoidable.
This report makes a conclusion that people who chose to indulge in alcohol drinking have issues of self-esteem that they hope to solve from drinking. By so doing, they believe the issues will change their abilities or make their problems disappear or appear smaller. If the alcohol indeed gives them this feeling, the previously mentioned individuals will continue to indulge to a level that is uncontrollable. This model also posits that individuals have distorted beliefs that make them that make them process information giving rise to distorted thoughts. Hence, individuals’ perceptions and responses to issues in the environment are premeditated. Such perceptions become distorted due to distress and spontaneous cognitions. Thus, the cognitive model explains that individual perceptions are emotional and psychological responses to their meditated thoughts and experiences. As such, alcoholism is a response to the thoughts of an individual. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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