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Risk behavior on the subway platform - Research Paper Example

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Risk Behaviour on the Subway Platform Name: University: Introduction Humans are known to be risk takers. It is often that a human being will be seen engaging in a risky behaviour, which can badly harm their health or even life. Males have for a long time been seen as more likely to engage in risky human behaviour as compared to females…
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Risk behavior on the subway platform
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Download file to see previous pages Gender is definitely one of them. Apart from that, age is also another variance that is likely to determine how an individual engages in risky behaviour (Stanton, 2013). Scholars who have studied this issue have found that females are more likely to engage in risky behaviour. However, the psychological underpinnings which lead to this gender disparity with regard to risky human behaviour have not been well established. Most social scientists still seek to understand why females are less likely to engage in risky behaviour such as alcohol consumption, smoking, gambling etc. In this study however, these issues are not focus and the study only intends to investigate whether males are more likely to engage in risky behaviour than women are. It also intends to investigate whether age differences are also factors which affect risky behaviour. This study will be carried out in a subway to look at the way is which different people of different ages and different genders are likely to engage in risky behaviour. The data so collected will be analysed to identify any trends and tendencies within the data collected for specific gender or age-related tendencies with regard to risky human behaviour. This is important in understanding how age or gender affects the behaviour if individuals. Many scholars have tried to look at the issue of risky human behaviour and how it relates to gender and age. In this study, two hypothesises will be used to be the guiding mantle. The first is about gender and risky behaviour and it postulates that females are more likely to engage in risky human behaviour in subways than are males. The second hypothesis is about the age factors and it postulates that younger people are more likely to engage in risky human behaviour in the subways as compared to the older people. These hypotheses are based on earlier studies which revealed that women and older people are less likely to engage in risky human behaviour. For instance, according to Harris, Jenkins and Dale (2006) in their article titled “Gender Differences in Risk Assessment: Why do Women Take Fewer Risks than Men?”, women are less likely to engage in risky behaviour such as in gambling, recreation and health. Another study carried out by Fazio (2010) also indicated that pedestrians are likely to engage in risky behaviour in public transport infrastructure even in cases where they don’t have a reason to. This raises the question of why humans are obsessed with indulging in risky behaviour. It is therefore necessary to be able to investigate this behaviour and also pin more elaborate issues such as how age and gender factors in. In this study which used 657 participants, they found that women were less likely to engage in risky behaviour across a number of social circumstances. However, this was not the hallmark of this study but the other issues which the study investigated. For instance, the study revealed that although women were less likely to engage in risky human behaviour, they were also more likely to get negative consequences from engaging in risky behaviour. The study also reported that the severity of the consequences were more likely to be higher in females than in men while at the same time the females were less likely to enjoy the experience of engaging in the risky behaviour (Harris, Jenkins and Dale, 48-63). This study may be an indication of why women are less li ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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