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Two post for Critique - Essay Example

The dilemma that Hutchison faces between writing grants to fund his studies and supervising his students in the lab caused Greg, one of his favourite students to use Kim’s work in which he had altered some data (Fisher, 2013). The researcher setting up a specific order and process in which he is to carry his varied activities within the lab would better solve the ethical dilemma that the principal investigator Aaron Hutchison has between writing grants for his research work and supervising his students. This would include allocating specific periods for each of the activities he is supposed to do. This would mean that he would be available fully to supervise students when they are at the critical points of the research and leave them to write grants when research is less demanding of them. Marie The misconduct that Greg was involved in pertaining his work with Kim Park might have been deliberate or just a misconception. When Kim brought up the issue with Dr. Aaron Hutchison, she was following the right protocol as he was their research supervisor, however even after Dr Hutchison had looked into the claims of misrepresentation of information, he would have approached Greg to listen to his views before forwarding the case to research integrity officer. The idea of Greg looking for ways to cover for his professional misconduct may not have risen since the evidence in terms of the research paper was available. Forwarding the case to the research integrity officer may have worsened the case

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One or two studies cannot be a reliable indicator. Despite this, we present here our critique on the research article "Methicillin resistant co-colonization" by Jon P. Furuno et al. The authors have identified a genuine problem that occurs as nosocomial infections world-wide.
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for Dr Hutchison’s lab since the case would reach to the donor who funded his research activities. In addition, cause friction between him and Greg who is his favourite student; however, it would still be beneficial to the people who would have used the publication. This dilemma makes things worse for Dr Hutchison since in order to avoid such cases in future, he has to increase his supervisory time in the lab, which would reduce further the time that he uses to write grants for people to fund his research. Reduction in writing grants would also mean that research activities would reduce in the lab, which would give Dr Hutchison more time even for his personal time with his wife. The homeless The government, in addition to giving the homeless people their meals, would do well to find some land and help them build their homes; this would remove them from the streets and other open-air places that they spent their nights. Construction of these houses for the homeless need not to be very expensive as some of them may opt to sell the building materials or hire those houses were they of a high quality material. Since most of the homeless people are also without any source of income, they government should look for ways to find income generating activities that the homeless people can do such as finding them employment or starting for them small businesses. The government should also take the responsibility of educating children from these homeless families p to where they can fully support themselves. The society also has a role in supporting this population, apart from donating foodstuffs or clothes, which have usually been the norm, the society


Two Posts for Critique Name: Institution : Course: Tutor: Date: Trini The idea that the principal investigator (PI) Aaron Hutchison main dilemma in this case on how to balance between his personal life and professional life is to some extent not the real dilemma, the problems in his marriage with his wife may have been caused by other reasons apart from his professional duties…
Author : arielleauer
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Two post for Critique
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