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The paper "The Science and Tricks of Mind Reading" highlights that one must understand that mind reading is like a puzzle. As in the first type of mind reading, the pieces of hints will be put together, just like pieces of the puzzle as joined together…
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The Science and Tricks of Mind Reading
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Download file to see previous pages Scientific methods or tricks are often used to understand or know another person’s thoughts. In this paper, some basic techniques of mind-reading will be presented to show how mind reading can both be scientifically intriguing and mentally entertaining. For the first kind of mind reading that mainly involves scientific procedures, one needs a basic understanding of both the verbal and non-verbal cues that a person gives off. There are no materials needed to do this kind of mind reading other than knowledge of scientific theories that govern how people behave and communicate. Knowledge in the fields of communication and psychology greatly helps in this matter. Additionally, knowledge in effectively using the senses is also necessary (“Mind Reading” 1723). On the other hand, the other kind of mind reading that involves tricks might need a couple of materials before one can actually perform the mind reading process. Some of the most basic things to use are paper, pencil, scissors, ruler, and stapler. In addition, one needs an assistant to do the mind reading trick. This trick should be done in a place where the mind reader can be safely isolated from the others at certain times during the mind reading process (Clark 75-6). While both mind reading techniques require the skill of the mind readers, they are done differently. The serious mind-reading process first requires the mind reader to list a series of questions to ask the participant. Second, one should observe the participant keenly in order to take note of the verbal and non-verbal replies and reactions.
Third, the mind reader can then throw in suggestive remarks that will elicit more hints from the participant.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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