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Analyze how politics is conveyed in film - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Mr Smith Goes to Washington The movie Mr Smith Goes to Washington was released in 1939, during the 2nd World War, and it is about a U.S. senator who dies, and a substitute has to be searched in an election. However, the competition between the camps that are in favor of the two potential candidates is so severe that the governor qualms for his political future, because picking either one would automatically estrange a big number of voters…
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Analyze how politics is conveyed in film
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Download file to see previous pages Unexpectedly, after a thorough investigation, Smith is revealed to be the perfect candidate because he is naive, devoid of greed and determined politically, and a good, patriotic American. At this point in time, the irony is that, Jim Taylor is the one who runs the government business and not the governor himself as thought before. Most significant thing is that whoever selected must adhere to the rules. The governor and his immediate advisors instruct the now senior senator Paine to take the young Mr. Smith and protect him from any trouble and assist him make a decision on how to vote As a matter of fact, fright takes toll on smith thus he no longer desire to become a politician. However considering that Paine was once a close friend of his father, he believes his advice. Moreover, seeing Washington DC sounds like a dream to him, and considering the mission as a patriotic duty, he accepts. On arrival in Dc, Smith meets famous politicians, the press and the big city that terrifies him. Despite this, he gives it his best short with the help and friendly advice from Paine. Additionally, his colleagues treat him in a kind manner and excuse him whenever he makes any procedural mistakes. With boredom and nothing to do, Smith gets more frustrated and wants to give up but Paine encourages him not to. The bills he creates only benefit Paine and on the day of presenting them it is realized that it was what Paine had been working on for a long time. Therefore, they are cancelled and he is asked to drop the bill, and since Smith did not understand why, he refuses to drop the bill and demand an explanation. At this point his procedural mistakes are not excused. It is discovered that the senior senator and his close allies used Smith’s lack of political knowledge to outsmart him. Hence, Smith is denigrated, criticized and betrayed, but he denies backing down at the time of the conflict, Senator Paine tells Smith that thirty years before he was in his position but he had learned to cooperate. The movie is very enjoyable and interesting to watch because represents the past and the present at the time of its production, but also one indicative of the media's power and role in the eve of the 2nd World War. Moreover, the principal purpose of the movie was to show how democracy is undermined and to expose corrupt politicians. Additionally, the movie was meant for the American people to enable them fight for their freedom and for democracy (Gehring 32). The practicality of the movie is sensible within the plot itself; however, it shows that it is not practical that any given person can be elected into the Senate without any political knowledge. However, the suggestion in the movie is an impartial opinion of view applied to reveal the contest amongst the upright and the dishonest politicians; and to reveal to people how easy it is to be tempted when in possession of political power. On the other-hand, the movie is an eye opener to the audience, as it makes them alert that politicians mostly are corrupt with few of them practicing clean and honest politics. For example, the movie uses Taylor, to reveal that the political field is usually ruled by the one group or person who is in possession of power; clearly this gives incidence in the movie informs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze How Politics Is Conveyed in Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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