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Amphetamine Use and Abuse - Essay Example

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USE AND ABUSE OF AMPHETAMINE (The name of your course) (Teachers CHANGES IN AMPHETAMINE USE SINCE 1950 TO PRESENT The periphery of the chronological history of Amphetamine dates back to 1937.It was then available strictly on clinical grounds only…
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Amphetamine Use and Abuse
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Amphetamine Use and Abuse

Download file to see previous pages... Strategic Air Command only sanctioned controlled ingestion of this powerful stimulant. Tactical Air Command also sanctioned such use in 1962. Its popularity grew heralding both licit and illicit trading of the drug. Profound levels of abuse were noted to have reached conspicuous levels in the year 1969 eliciting interventions from several quarters. The abuse of this drug are said to have subsided in the 1970s and 1980s with its use being confined to clinical purposes only. It is within this duration that’s its use went through a metamorphosis from licit to illicit .Abuse of the same found its way back in the 1990s with young people abusing it during parties and dances. Evers since then its abuse seems to have spiraled exponentially with the latest surveys disclosing that up to 3 million American uses it annually on non-medical ground. Asian countries also exhibit close to similar levels of abuse, as the number is a few thousands shy of the twice what is being experienced in the United States. To curb this, several measures have been developed. Campaigns against substance abuse have increased in these regions. This is mostly so among the vulnerable groups like teens and idle young persons. The availability of the drug has also been limited to prescription only. Any unlicensed trafficking, possession, and possession with the intention to traffic carry very heavy penalties. This has been instituted in the hope that this will curb the illegal trafficking and abuse of this very powerful stimulant with very perilous side effects.(Moore, 2010) CLASSIFICATION OF AMPHETAMINE Amphetamine is scheduled differently globally with other countries scheduling as a stimulant while other like the US schedules it a controlled substance. According to the U.K laws, they are categorized as class B, schedule 2. Possession of the same without a valid prescription is considered a heinous crime. The supply or produce of the same without a valid license is considered illegal. Any breach of these laws could earn the offender up to 5 years in prison alongside a fine. In the Canadian act list amphetamines as schedule 3. The possession of it, trafficking and even possession with the intention to traffic attracts legal actions since these acts are illegal. (Cleaner and Serenity, 2004) AALIYAH’S CASE Amphetamine is a very powerful stimulant known to speed up the heart and breathing besides dilating the eyes. As a result though, the individual under the effect of amphetamine feels alert and powerful. The individual feels waves of energy flowing in him or her. The desire to maintain this sweet feeling drives the individuals to the verge of further abuse the drug by taking in more with the bid of continuing to feel nice. Consequently, the individual will likely be emaciated and malnourished to the verge of looking gaunt and unhealthy. The drug is therefore highly addictive baring any desires for sobriety. Prolonged use of it leads to acute effects like; Aggression Paranoid hostility Psychosis Hallucinations. This is just the tip of the iceberg considering the more chronic effects like; Chest pains Heart failure and convulsions. Aaliyah is still in the initial stages of abuse. The side effects are still tamable and withdrawal still manageable. The situation is not going to remain that way for long though. Sooner or later, if she does not stop abusing the drug, she will graduate to the unsalvageable levels and that will be sad for her. Withdrawal is not any easy either. Besides the very strong craving for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Substance use
ADHD is one of the most common disorders that affects between 8 to 12% of adults. It also affects 4% of the adults nationwide. Researchers continued to be alarmed at this fact act as there is a steep rise in ADHD drug abuse. Since ADHD is stimulant drug which contains either methylphenidates or amphetamines, the risk of children abusing this drug has been high.
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Psychotic Symptoms as an Outcome of Methamphetamine Abuse
Methamphetamine’s short term effects include increased activity, decrease in appetite, increase attention and decreased fatigue, rush and euphoria, increase in respiration rate and hypothermia. The drug is so powerful that these effects can be noticed even when used in small doses. There are various ways of using the drug.
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It is important to note that overuse of substances like over-the-counter medicines are also considered as substance abuse. Some of the common substances abused by addicts include alcohol, drugs (OTC medicines, heroine, marijuana, methamphetamine etc) and tobacco (Galea, Nandi & Vlahov, 2004).
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Crystal meth, a drug that is very powerful and highly addictive is currently a major cause for concern around the world because of the availability and low costs involved in producing it. The writer has found one article to demonstrate the fact that professionals do see this highly volatile substance as being responsible for crime.
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Methamphetamine Abuse
For a shorter duration of time, the user feels more energetic, stronger, and sharper (Romanelli & Smith, 2006). This has made methamphetamine a popular drug of abuse, since most of the initial users often take recourse to chronic use. Many authorities believe that with prolonged exposure to even very low dose of methamphetamine, a significant proportion of dopaminergic brain cells would eventually get damaged beyond recovery, mainly due to chronic low levels of dopamine within the brain cells, leading to serious compromise in attention, memory, and decision making functions.
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Comorbidity Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse
The study of comorbidity between disordered eating patterns and substance use in non-clinical female populations has included community, high school, and university samples. In non-clinical community-based adult populations, associations have been found between the syndrome of bulimia nervosa and alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, marijuana use, amphetamine use and tranquilizer abuse.
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It appears that the methamphetamine really embodied by the 1996 legislation is crystal meth. Drug prevalence data regarding rates of use for methamphetamine among various age groups are mixed and do not clearly indicate a predominant age group for methamphetamine use.
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One Thomas Hicks is said to have won a race during the 1904 Olympic Games which were held in St. Louis with the help of a raw egg together with a glass of brandy and strychnine injections. Restrictions pertaining drug use in sports
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