Intervention to increase physical activity in residents of a care home - Essay Example

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Intervention to Increase Physical Activity in Residents of a Care Home Introduction Frequent physical activity is related to improved health and minimised rates of contracting disease. Besides this, physical activity has numerous health gains including the reduce risk of various illnesses such as osteoporosis, cancer, depression and arthritis (Resnik, 2012:50)…
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Intervention to increase physical activity in residents of a care home
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Download file to see previous pages Better physical activity is not only related to social and behavioral factors but also related to physical and environment all aspects (Sirven and Malamut, 2008:130). For that reason, the role of community based programs has been defined to improve physical activity in the population. This paper suggests the implementation of a community based program and how it can be used to improve physical activity in a care home setting. The other objective of the paper is assist to assist the National Health Service (NHS), social services, local health service providers and care givers in residential homes improve mental and physical health. Background The larger proportion of the population in the UK is composed of the older people. This entails all the people who are aged 65 years and above (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2013). Although the elderly in society lead healthy and independent lives, this can change due to alterations in financial stability, societal attitudes, physical health and access to support services (Age Concern England and Mental Health Foundation, 2004). Regardless of the improved conditions in the lives of the older people, there is evidence showing that they are increasingly becoming dissatisfied and lonelier (Allen, 2008:7). It was observed that nearly 60 percent of the old people living in care homes are reported to have poor mental health (Audit Commission, 2004). This decline is mental health goes hand in hand with a reduced physical activity increasing their risk to disease. The factors influencing the well being of the old people is affected by many issues affecting the health of the old people in care homes including, discrimination, relationships and participation in physical activity. Conceptual Framework The basic framework that is used to show the impact of the initiative of introduction of physical exercise in care homes can be demonstrated by using the logic model (Germann and Wilson, 2004:270). This model is used to demonstrate the effects of physical activity on the health of the people in care homes (Germann and Wilson, 2004:289). The model is used to illustrate how an initiative is supposed to operate and gives an explanation on the effectiveness of the strategy. Previous studies have shown that increased physical movement lead to renewed strength, higher activity levels and overall improved health of the individual. In this case the model adopts a logical approach in implementation of the physical exercise program. Literature Review Resnik (2012:50) and Sirven and Malamut (2008:130) agree that physical activity is an important aspect in the lives of the elderly. They further affirm the existence of the numerous benefits associated with physical activity. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2013), Audit Commission (2004), Age Concern England and Mental Health Foundation (2004) and Allen (2008:7) confirm that there an increase in the number of old people in the UK and that their health status has been worsening over the years owing to minimal physical activity. The conceptual model used in the study is the logic model that can be used to explain how the initiative operates (Germann and Wilson, 2004:28). College of Occupational Therapists and National Association for Providers of Activities for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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