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Impacts of Cyber Technology on Society/Human Diversity - Research Paper Example

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This paper explores the impacts of cyber technology, defined  in this way, on the various aspects of society and human diversity. The latter is an especially pervasive aspect of cyber technology, dealing as it does with the Internet and online technologies and platforms. …
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Impacts of Cyber Technology on Society/Human Diversity
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Cyber Technology on Society/Human Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that literature exists that demonstrate both the positive impacts of cyber technology or digital technologies on the elderly, as well as on people from various age groups, including school children. In elderly settings, digital technologies such as online media and social networks, as well as communication platforms including email, has had the effect of keeping elderly people informed and connected with others, the society, and the rest of the world. This kind of connectedness and engagement affects their well-being and health in a very positive sense. Education settings for younger people, people of school age, are likewise arenas where cyber technology has done well, impacting the delivery of educational content to this age group.
This essay discusses that positive impacts also accrue to all age groups owing to the way digital technologies have improved delivery of health care services. Meanwhile, there is literature that explores the underside of digital technologies and their impacts on people from various age groups, including addiction to the Internet.  In the way too, that government has come to embrace digital technologies and has come to view cyber technology as enabling the way it interacts with constituents of all ages and to provide services, cyber technology has had profound effects on people of voting age in particular. The divide then occurs where younger people are able to better exploit the available  economic and social opportunities present in the technologies, including the Internet. Older people, on the other hand, are not as able. This digital divide is an important impact of digital technologies by age. The literature here is extensive, and consistently shows the presence of the divide in cyber technologies as occurring along the lines of age. This has implications on how well seniors, for instance, are able to adapt, and how young people are to be educated in order to fully hurdle the challenges in cyber technology use, as well as leverage knowledge to help society and to ably support themselves in the economic aspects of their lives (Helbig et al., 2005; Wood, 2009; Clark, 2012; Gardner and Oswald, n.d.; MacLeod, 2010; Soker, 2005). B. Gender The digital divide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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