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Cognitive psychology. Cognitive Processes - Research Paper Example

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According to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), learning is a natural task carried out by humans to facilitate better and more fulfilling life development. There are several types of stimulus or cognitive processes common in human growth and development. …
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Cognitive psychology. Cognitive Processes
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Cognitive psychology. Cognitive Processes

Download file to see previous pages... According to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), learning is a natural task carried out by humans to facilitate better and more fulfilling life development. There are several types of stimulus or cognitive processes common in human growth and development. Different people employ the available cognitive processes at different times in their life time. The identification of the common cognitive processes as well as their purpose in human development is exceptionally decisive in facilitating the understanding of human cognitive development. Common Cognitive Processes By referring to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), the first main cognitive process is perception. Perception entails the front-end process which helps in the organization and interpretation of the received information. Perception is usually based on auditory information as well as visual information. Perception is acquired through observation and listening to the emerging information, as well as organization of the received information in human mind. The second main cognitive stage is identification process. Although this process is vastly overlooked, it is one of the most critical processes in human cognitive development and human survival. The identification process helps an individual to swiftly (with limited thinking) recognize and categorize emerging information based on past experiences. ...
2007), the core purpose of cognitive process is to facilitate communication or transmission of information from one person to another or from one part of the body to another. The main purpose of perception in cognitive process is to facilitate the integration, interpretation, and organization of the emerging sensation. Perception entails the detection of emerging environmental factors such as sounds, smell, and color. Identification and classification process Identification and classification process has to do with immediate recognition of emerging circumstances. The process helps in enhancing the survival as well as the improving the capability of passing on fitness traits from one generation to the other. The capability for immediate identification and classification of mates, danger, threat, and prey is exceptionally vital in facilitating survival as well as in procreation process. Human beings and other organisms that lack the capability of identifying and classifying emerging circumstances have very limited chances of surviving in a competitive environment. Memory distortion cognitive process Lastly, memory distortion cognitive process has to do with human memory frailty. It is sometimes incredibly easy to forget most of the cognitive functions that are taken for granted in individuals’ daily performance. Human beings also face a problem of forgetting some of the most critical cognitive functions necessary for future survival and development. As a result, memory distortion process serves as a by-product of the memory. Memory by-products play a considerable role in facilitating cognitive development as well as in advancing survival tactics. Peer-reviewed study and summary of the Selected Cognitive Process and the Research Methodologies Used Perception cognitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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