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Schizophrenia and Stigma - Essay Example

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Schizophrenia and Stigma Introduction Mental health illnesses have traditionally been viewed in a negative light. In ancient times, these illnesses have been viewed as demon possession, often prompting various ancient rituals to be carried out on those afflicted with mental illness…
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Schizophrenia and Stigma
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"Schizophrenia and Stigma"

Download file to see previous pages People’s understanding of mental illness has improved and some of the mentally ill have been acknowledged as normally functioning individuals. However, the stigma against them has always been strong. The label of mental illness seems to have dictated how people should treat them. The perception and treatment of these people has been less than acceptable and the labels have prevented these people from functioning in normal society, in their work, their family, and in their community and social life. More often than not, people acting strangely or differently from the norm have been labelled as mentally ill or simply, “crazy.” After such label is bestowed upon certain behaviours, individuals are often treated differently, based on their labels. However, most of the time, these ‘abnormal’ thoughts and feelings are often simply part of an individual’s personality. Nevertheless, society labels these thoughts and feelings as signs of mental illnesses. For which reason, misdiagnoses of mental illnesses are common occurrences. These are dangerous patterns of behaviour because subjecting individuals to these labels can also subject them to inappropriate treatments. In the end, their human potential can be lost. Under these considerations, some argue that it is not helpful to view the thoughts and feelings of others as manifestations of illness. This essay shall evaluate this thesis, specifically discussing the impact of labelling thoughts and feelings in mental health. The first part of this essay shall be a general discussion of schizophrenia, including its essential qualities and the other labels associated with it. The second part shall consider the various arguments and issues in relation to labelling in mental health care. The third part shall seek to support the argument that it is not helpful to label thoughts and feelings in mental health. Finally, concluding remarks and a summary of the arguments shall be present and end this essay. Body According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2012), schizophrenia is a mental disorder which impacts on one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. It often initially manifests from age 15 to 35 years and in some cases take a long while to diagnose. Schizophrenia is attributed to various causes, including one’s genes, possible brain damage during birth, viral infections during pregnancy, and in some instances, child abuse (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012). The use of drugs has been known to trigger it, most especially among teenagers; however, stressful events and family issues have also been considered triggers for this mental health issue (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012). Schizophrenia has been detected based on positive and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms include: hallucinations, delusions, difficulty in thinking, and feeling controlled. Negative symptoms include: loss of interest, loss of energy, as well as loss of emotions (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012). Under these conditions, a patient may cease to carry out his or her normal activities, including activities of daily living like cleaning the house, grooming self, dressing self, and working. Some schizophrenics often hear voices without experiencing negative symptoms, however others experience no other symptoms except delusions; in some patients, they may only experience negative symptoms and muddled, confused thoughts (Royal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? SCHIZOPHRENIA Institute SCHIZOPHRENIA Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder, characterized by psychosis and impaired cognition. The underlying pathology has long been the subject of investigations to identify the brain abnormality. Several studies were conducted before it was finally concluded that disturbance in the ratio of brain’s gray and white matter in different areas is the culprit. Wexler et al (2009) conducted a study to analyze the deviation in cognition from normal levels. The deviation from normal in schizophrenics was found to be more than one standard deviation. These patients were called neuropsychological impaired (NPI). 20 to 25 % of schizophrenics were however...
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...that Schizophrenia patients of such families suffer from stigma at much rapid instances. The study revealed that among the 100 Moroccan families studied when conducting the research, family members were observed to possess no knowledge of the illness. The results revealed 23% cases of schizophrenia to be caused due to genetic constructs or heredity while other cases recorded drug abuse, organic disturbance and stressful life events as the causes of schizophrenic incidents (Kadri, Manoudi, Berrada & Moussaoui, 2004). Hence, it can be inferred that societies having families with schizophrenic symptoms are likely to channelize the same problem to their siblings in terms of heredity; while...
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...? Schizophrenia is a chronic disease that has a very negative impact on the brain of an individual.People suffering from this disorder may hear strange voices, which a normal human being will not hear. Victims of this disorder always believe that other people are always trying to manipulate and control their minds. This terrifies them greatly, and makes them to withdraw their associations with family members and friends. These people have poor communication skills, and it is difficult to understand them when they talk. They may also sit for longer period of hours, just staring at the sky without talking, or engaging in any form of communication (Lieberman, Stroup and Perkins, 2012). This disorder also has a negative...
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...?How does Stigma and Discrimination hinder Recovery of Patients with Schizophrenia? How does Stigma and Discrimination Hinder Recovery of Patients with Schizophrenia? Background: A lot of attention was put on anxiety and depression but the health care sector seemed to forget about some extremely intense mental conditions like schizophrenia Key words: stigma, discrimination, schizophrenia, recovery, and mental illness. Research question: In what ways does stigma and discrimination hinder the recovery of schizophrenic patients? Research purpose: The aim of this study will be to investigate the various ways...
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...Swarna1 ID 5448 Order # 134258 19 October 2006 Study On Stigma And Discrimination Due to Schizophrenia AMRESH SHRIVASTAVA Mental Health Foundation of India, Mumbai, India GOPA SARKHEL IYER SUNITA Correspondence: Amresh Srivastava, Mental Health Foundation of India, Mumbai, India Declaration of Interest : None ABSTRACT Background People with schizophrenia suffer from stigma and discrimination. Aims The study aims to analyze the extent, causes, and impact of stigma due to schizophrenia and effective anti-stigma measures for better mental health care. Method A semi structured proforma was given to 300 family members of schizophrenics and the responses were analyzed statistically using randomized block design. Results The stigma... and...
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...Combating Stigma and Raising Mental Health Awareness through Respect, Understanding, and Change One of the things that is very common today among allof us is the presence of stigma and mental health issues. To define it, stigma is a social phenomenon that is exercised by humans when they are faced with something that are out of their capability to solve or does not make them see the clear view of the outcome of what is currently happening to them that results to a disturbed mental health. People who are stigmatized over something, which is usually mostly economic relieves themselves by establishing the knowledge that there are some individuals who are less fortunate than they are (An...
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...Stigma America is among the countries where most people from other parts of the world would cherish visiting. During my childhood, I heard of nice stories concerning America and thus had a dream of visiting the country once in my lifetime. According to the stories, this was among the best countries to live in since the citizens were caring and hospitable. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to study and I chose the nation in order to accomplish my childhood dream. When I arrived in the country, a new environment, beautiful buildings, magnificent and busy streets marveled me. I really loved the place and wished I had been born in such a beautiful country. However, I never knew that such a beautiful country had various...
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...Schizophrenia Number Since Schizophrenia may not just be a single condition and its causes are still unknown, the existing treatment techniques are founded on both clinical and research experience. These advances are selected on the foundations of their capacity to lower the symptoms of Schizophrenia and to reduce the chances of the symptoms coming back. In this paper, the treatment of Schizophrenia using drug therapy is explored. It comprises of the drugs applied in the treatment and their side effects. Introduction A revolution in the management of Schizophrenia started about a half a century ago when chlorpromazine was introduced in 1952. This was the first time that psychiatric specialist had a drug that was effective... in the...
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...Stigma The human condition is such that learning takes place throughout life especially in the area of socialization. A person whohas been living a relatively normal life can instantly become a social misfit due to stigmatization from the society, which is where one finds their identity. In small towns and communities where everyone knows each other, the amplification of stigma occurs (Heflinger et al., 2014). There is a lot of pressure in such communities to conform to norms predefined by societal traditions and values, as society in its entirety distinguishes between normal and abnormal. It is important to note that normal is a concept that varies between diverse communities. For example, in some small...
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...Schizophrenia Over years, people have been affected by various illnesses ranging from chronic diseases, mental disorders, and heart disorders among other diseases. Among these disorders, mental illnesses have been the forefront in causing deaths among individuals all over the world. This paper will describe Schizophrenia by describing the causes, the symptoms, treatments and medication of the disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Schizophrenia is a severe chronic and brain disorder, which is characterized failure to distinguish what is real and abnormal social behavior. People suffering from this disorder tend to hear voices, which cannot be heard by people...
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