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On False Memory - Literature review Example

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Subject: Psychology Topic:  M2 FALSE MEMORY Overview As the name implies, false memory is a kind of memory that is not accurate but distorted and based on source of true memory. What false memories actually depict are not the weaknesses and in capabilities of persons involved to think straight or get their memories right but then it is a natural phenomenon that is sparked by a person’s attempt to get his or her memories right by basing them on previous experiences or what is normally known as clues (Jolene, 2007)…
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Literature Review on False Memory
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, the false memory that is produced often has a very close relation with the stimulus that is presented. For instance a person who is trying to have memories of a monkey is likely to think of a chimpanzee as the element in question because among the clues there is a monkey and a monkey is generally more related to chimpanzee than say a cock is. When this happens, the monkey that caused the person to have a wrong memory of a chimpanzee is said to be the stimulus. Research Question How does delay versus instant recall and visual versus aural affect the false memory effect? Previous Findings from Deese (1959), Read (1996) and Tulving (1985) Studies on false memory have existed for very long time since its discovery. These studies have basically been undertaken to authenticate the basic philosophies underling the concept. Among these popular researches is that which was done by Deese (1995), Read (1996) and Tulving (1985) respectively. Deese actually proposed a paradigm together with Roediger and McDermott that came to be known as the Deese-Roediger-McDermott paradigm. The core aim of the research put forth by Deese (1959) was to reiterate a phenomenon that would “reliably lead people to insist they have experienced an event” (Human Memory, 2007). In the research, a strategy that involved the use of oral presentation was used. The idea was to make people memorize a number of oral words. Then after, these subjects were made to recall the various words they memorized. This means that the memorized words were fundamentally to become the stimuli that were to inform their false memories as most of the subjects called out words out of their memories that were closely related to the words earlier called out to them. Essentially, this research indicates a limitation on oral memory as against written memory. On his part, Read (1996), dedicated his studies on how false memory can best be used to utilize perfection in recall. The essence and underlining idea in that particular research therefore has to do with the fact that false memory may have its own positive repercussions and merits. This is because the research actually created the awareness that the fact that a person has false memory means that the person has a high degree of capability to recall an exact fact or assertion out of which the false memory was produced (Read and Lindsay, 2000). For instance a person who keeps mentioning a hawk instead of an eagle has a shown signs of easily remembering the name of the eagle if given some time to do more recall. This is because the person has at least given an indication that what he wants to recall is a bird and a carnivorous bird for that matter. The research therefore concluded with the need to create more room for people, particularly students who are learning new concepts to do a lot of recall that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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