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On Brain Asymmetry - Research Paper Example

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BRAIN ASYMMETRY NAME INSTITUTION In a neuroscience perspective, the concept of brain asymmetry is closely tied to the hemisphere of the human brain. The mirror symmetrical organization of the body along the vertical axis produces two mirror body halves. The two hands are regarded as almost anatomically wonderful mirror images of each other…
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Research Paper on Brain Asymmetry
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Download file to see previous pages The concept of left and right handedness poses an imperative conceptual distinction between object, functional, and activity related. There is also a similar distinction that applied to the two cerebral hemispheres, which appear to be symmetrical mirror images. In the human brain, there are distinct functions that tend to be localized in the left or right hemisphere. The cerebral cortex can be divided into the two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is usually dominant for language and logic processing. The right hemisphere is specified for spatial recognition. Each human being has two distinct hemispheres of the brain that have different capabilities. The sensory signals that are in the left side are sent to the right hemisphere of the brain and those on the right side of the body are sent to the left hemisphere of the brain. It has been noted that the left hemisphere sub serve linguistic functions while that of the right hemisphere are specialized for spatial function and emotional control. For example, controlling of your right arm is via left hemisphere and the control of your left arm is via your right hemisphere. There are also various cognitive differences that exist. There are many experiments that have failed to show much difference between the two hemispheres in normal humans. ...
A chimerical face is designed by making two different faces in half and combining them. The subjects will the view the two chimeric faces and decide which one more strongly describe a particular quality this experiment. For example, in this experiment it will deal with age. If the chimeric faces are constructed so that the two haves have difference in quality of the specified characteristic the information will go the different brain hemispheres. The choices made by subject will show a disparity towards the information that that goes to the right hemisphere that will seem to be more involved than that of the left hemisphere when making judgment about faces. The expected effect is weaker for the left handed people than those of the right handed people as the former will show differences between the left and right hemisphere. Method and design This experiment was based on the technique of Rueckert (2005). For each trial of the experiment, two chimeric faces were shown and the participant is asked to indicate which one is younger. The two faces are mirror images of each other so they had identical age information. Based on characteristics of the images, we expect no preference for one image over the other. The independent variable for this experiment is the construction of the chimeric faces. For one of the faces, the left side of the face was younger than the right side of the face. The time is also independent. The dependent variable is of this experiment is the handedness. A participant can either be right handed or left handed. The experiment is found on Coglab . The levy et al. (1983) chimeric faces task was replicated in a web page. Results Data summary for experiment Brain Asymmetry, version Right handed. 2012-02-09 08:52:15 Eastern Standard Time In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper on Brain Asymmetry Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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