Does Gender Affect Memory - Research Paper Example

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The paper dwells upon the affection of gender on memory. Research from the past has found out that indeed, there exist differences in terms of memory between males and females, even though there is no universal agreement to this proposition…
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Does Gender Affect Memory
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Download file to see previous pages The difference between males and females is principally hormonal, whereby males have dominant androgens while females have more of estrogens than androgens. Researchers have argued that the difference in these sex hormones is what differentiates memory in humans based on gender. Since these hormones differ in function, they affect the manner in which the brain functions, hence memory. Research has also shown that the central nervous system in males and females is slightly different in terms of the structure, number, and type of neurons. For example, males have more neurons than females of the same age. This explains the differences in memory between young males and females. Since neurons are the forms of communication in the brain, the differences have brought about differences in memory between the two gender classes. The proponents of the psychological theory argue that differences in memory between males and females are not due to anatomical factors, but due gender expectations of either sex. Society expects females to act in a particular way, and males likewise. As people develop, they act in a way that suits their gender type. This is the societal expectation. For example, women are generally cleaner and neater when compared to men. This is not in their genes, but it is simply a societal expectation and requirement. The same applies to memory. Generally, boys have superior scholastic ability when compared to girls. In terms of academics, boys have superior memory generally. However, girls and females in general have superior short term memory on various issues. For instance, a girl would easily remember the food they ate 3 days ago, while a boy may not have any recollection. This memory has nothing to do with academics, but still this is memory. Women are able to remember even the most intricate details. Society expects women to take care of the family unit, and any woman who does not have a potent short term memory cannot succeed in caring for a family. It would portray her as reckless and careless. Therefore, there is no universal tenet on memory in males and females. Differences in memory among males and females are diverse based on various situations and circumstances. Research by many psychologists has shown that the female gender manages to organize their memory in a united style while, on the other hand, the male gender organizes their memory in a truly distinguished style. Females are able to remember even the most intricate details concerning an issue. For example, females remember things like conversations, names, shopping lists and novels better than males. Males on the other hand are able to recall items like maps, directions of places and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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