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Emotional Personal Experience - Essay Example

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Essay Title Author`s Name School Name Topic Question: Describe a personal experience that was emotionally significant and critically analyze it with reference to one or more of the theories of emotion discussed on Exploring Emotion Psychosocially. Robert Feldman (1993) has categorized emotions as, “feelings that generally have both physiological and cognitive elements and that influence behavior”…
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Emotional Personal Experience
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"Emotional Personal Experience"

Download file to see previous pages To shed light on the most dominant theories justifying each perspective, a few analogies and distinguishing patterns can be drawn. Zillmann (2010) for instance relates emotion to symbols and icons for having strong emphatic significance for an individual. He further develops an appraisal paradigm to explain emotion by virtue of moral assessment of individual as a part of the society. In contrast to Zillmann, William James (1890) focuses on the physiological aspects of emotion where he derives that emotion is a result of the realization of physiological responses for instance trembling. Darwin has also attempted to explain emotion via physiological responses in context to facial expressions, where cross cultural similarities can be observed (Oatley et al, 2006), for instance we can associate blushing with shame or modesty, which is a result of the gushing in blood vessels as a response to a situation. However, the work of Freud can also not be ignored in this regard as he has derived several explanations about affect (emotions) by seeking evidence from physiological study of human brain via his psychoanalytical theory (Hillman 1992). Later various other theories were derived supporting his theory for instance the object relations theory; however, it was rather inclined towards subjective understanding of experiences. Moreover, biological and neurological explanations have also been important sources for theorization of theories that have immense significance in even the contemporary research practices. The work of Schachter (1962) is significant in this regard as he adds to the William James theory by conducting an experiment which led him to the conclusion that both physiological as well as cognitive responses give rise to an emotional behavior. However, the literature doesn’t end here, and further explanations are still being derived regarding emotions. Though these contrasting theories compete with each other in terms of explaining behavioral patterns, but it can be derived that different theories offer explanations for reactions occurring in varied situations. Psychoanalytical theory may be appropriate for explaining or treating a case with anxiety due to problems with personal relations, married life or the like. But in case explanations are to be drawn for an emotional reflex response to a sudden situation like a burglar in the home, or a physical attack by an adversary. In such a situation, emotional responses can be understood in the light of neurological explanations regarding emotions. Also, cultural contexts are also important as individuals develop strong emotional attachments with physical objects of socio-cultural importance, thus social context is significant to study the essence of emotion in such a scenario. To further develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and theories, a personal experience can be narrated followed by an analysis explaining the emotional patterns. Not a very long time back, I happened to attend a concert with a few friends in the town next to mine. It was a late night event which started at about 11 in the night and was expected to end sometime the next morning. We went to attend the concert in a friend`s car, at the beginning the night was very eventful. We were all having fun, drinking and chanting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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