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Limitations of Norms Paper - Essay Example

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Limitations of Norms Paper Grade course 9th April, 2012 Norms in Psychological testing Introduction Psychological testing is referred to as psychological assessment because information is given out, and the accuracy of the information is tested and assessed…
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Limitations of Norms Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The norms used for categorizing test subjects have limitations when interpreting the results. The tests are used to give meaning to the raw data collected. This paper will address the limitations of norming while interpreting results, and reconcile the limitations with interpretation of the scores. Norms should not be seen as the standards of performance, but they act as a base for interpreting test scores. Norm groups vary in size, and it can be as large as 100, 000 people. Types and uses of norms Developmental norms Psychological testing aims at measuring human beings characteristics that pertain to behavior. Developmental norms are used to indicate the progress of a person, along the normal developmental path (Stark and Barnes, 1975). A child of 6 years old, who has an IQ like a 10 years old child, can be referred to as having a mental age of 10. Developmental norms have a significant appeal for purposes which are descriptive, mostly in the individuals’ intensive clinical studies and for specific research purposes. Mental age norms are found in developmental norms, which measures, a person’s progress in relation with others in the group. Mental age norms are used to determine a person’s age depending with the behavior of the individual as compared to the behavior of others in the same category (Anastasi and Urbina, 1997). A child’s raw score is determined first, and then the mean of the raw scores is determined next. The mean raw score achieved by all the children or participants in every year group, and it is within the standardization sample is what gives and constitutes the age norm for the test (Kaplan and Saccuzzo, 2009). Mental age unit cannot be constant with age, but it shrinks with age advancement. Grade norms are part of the developmental norms, and they are used to portray a person’s educational achievements, and they are mainly employed in school settings. They are achieved by computing the students each grade raw score, and the average is the mean grade (McIntire and Miller, 2007). Grade norms content differ from grade to grade, and they are appropriate only in a common place and for common subjects. The grade norms are applied in primary level and not at the level of high school because; many subjects can be studied for only a short time like one to two years. They are subject to misinterpretations when regarded to as performance standards. Ordinal scale is an approach to developmental norms, and it is derived from child psychology research. It involves developmental behavior empirical observation in young children or infants. This leads to the description of typical behavior in successive developmental stages like locomotive, linguistic formation, sensory discrimination, and concept formation (Vakil et al., 2010). Ordinal scales are used in achieving and identifying the stage attained by a child in specific behavior functions. They provide information of the abilities and capabilities of the child. Within- group norms Within – group norms are formed by almost all the standardized tests. The tests evaluate an individual’s performance and evaluated it in terms of almost comparable standardization grouping performance (Gloudemans, 2000). They have accurately and uniformly defined quantitative meanings, and they are successfully employed in many statistical analyses. Percentiles are part of in- group norms, and they are expressed in terms of percentages of individuals who fall below the given raw score in the standardiza ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Limitations of Norms Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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