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The costs and benefits of alternative newcomer adjustment strategies - Research Paper Example

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The Costs and Benefits of Newcomer Adjustment Strategies Name: Instructor: Task: Date: The Costs and Benefits of Newcomer Adjustment Strategies There exist slightly varied delineations of organizational socialization. For example, Bauer et al. define organizational socialization as the procedure through which an individual transforms from being foreign to the organization to being a member (Bauer et al 2007)…
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The costs and benefits of alternative newcomer adjustment strategies
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Download file to see previous pages The differences observed in definition are not significant, and arise from the use of varied terms divergently. Such terms include individualization, assimilation, and adaptation. For example, Kramer pointed out these variances by using Moreland and Levine and Jablin’s definition (Kramer, 2010). Nevertheless, all the definitions bear strands of commonality in that they point to the learning content, process and ways through which organizations admit and process new employees to become members of the same organizations. In the past several decades, the field of organizational socialization has been cited as having the greatest variance in data and theory (Saks & Ashforth, 1997). Additionally, there abounded criticism that there is lack of pragmaticinvestigation in the area. However, in recent times, scholars have extensively addressed these concerns. Nevertheless, there is no unified organizational socialization theory (Kammeyer-Mueller & Wanberg, 2003). Instead, there exist models describing the stages a person undergoes during organizational socialization. One of those models is the Van Maanen and Scheines 1979 model of socialization tactics (Van Maanen and Scheines 1979). They developed a theory associating specific socialization variables and behavioral reactions. These variables are comparable to tactics. They developed six tactics group versus individual, official vs casual, progressive versus unsystematic, fixed versus adjustable, sequential versus adjunctive and investiture versus divestiture. They opined that the use of these tactics determines the role orientations of new employees. The combination of the all the first tactics in each pair result in an employee who follows the already established organizational behavior. Combinations of the second variables in each pair lead to an individual who challenges the existing organizational behaviors and develop their own role orientation (Saks &Ashforth, 1997). Another theory is the uncertainty decreasemodel. The theory works from the premises that new employees face a lot of uncertainty in their workstations and their work efforts aim at reducing these uncertainties. This makes work more predictable and less certain. This uncertainty is provided through information disseminated to the new comers, often, through interactions with managers and peers. If these interactions succeed, the employees adapt to their roles efficiently and elevate their chances of remaining in the organization. Another theory has been the social cognitive theory. It advances that human behavior is explainable through the observed interface between intellectual, private and ecological factors. The preceding analysis of present research serves to reveal two things. One is the importance of organizational socialization and second is the direction and emphasis of research and debate in organizational socialization. Studies in organization socialization are important in revealing what individuals undergo during when they join a new organization. This is important since, as revealed in Van Maanen and Scheines’s tactics combinations, they influence the identity and role orientation an employee assumes (Van Maanen and Scheines, 1979; Cooper-Thomas & Wilson, 2011). These factors impactadeptness, impetus, throughput, and job contentment of a new employee (Thomas & Anderson, 2006). Consequently, studies,in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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