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Behavioral Modification on Children with ADHD - Research Paper Example

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The main purpose of this research project is to explore how behavioral modification can be carried out on children with ADHD. The impact that this disorder on learning of children is more pronounced and there is need therefore to find lasting solutions to this problem…
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Behavioral Modification on Children with ADHD
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Download file to see previous pages Research shows that children with ADHD act without thinking and are therefore hyperactive thus unable to remain focused. In most cases, they understand what is expected of them but they have problems with following this throughout which affects their learning in class. Although all research shows that all children act this way at some point especially at times when they are anxious or so much excited, what makes them different from those who suffer from ADHD is the fact that their symptoms are not expressed for long and are present in few settings. This research project will explore various behavioral modification options for children with ADHD and how they can be assisted to ensure that they are able to sit in class and learn. Objective statement The main objective of this research project is to explore behavioral modification model for children who suffer Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Justification Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a major problem that is facing children who have the capacity to be in school and learn very well. Understanding how their maladaptive behavior can be modified to suit proper learning is beneficial to parents with such children and teachers in schools who handle such children on a daily basis. Literature review Kramer (2007) argues that the ADHD behavior that is observed in most children can be divided into three distinct groups namely the inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type and a combination of the two types. One major symptom of this disorder is making mistakes in school work or in any other setting. This may be accompanied by dislike for activities that involve mental activities and too much distractibility. Lack of proper organization when it comes to carrying activities surpasses all the symptoms above. Children with ADHD are unable to concentrate in their classes because of their poor mental programming. In physical activities, ADHD is manifested in the way these children keep on running and climbing up and down. They are also characterized with difficulty when it comes to taking turns in waiting queues and may be forgetful in extreme cases. They are also unable to play quietly thus likely to make a lot of noise all over. This best explains why these children are unable to cope with schoolwork and therefore need a proper behavior modification. There is however no test that can be done to prove the presence of ADHD thus its treatment has been tricky for so many years. There are however several behavioral modification procedures that can be followed to ensure recondition of these children back to normal. Behavior modification for children with ADHD Before a child is considered for any behavior modification, there are several measures that must be undertaken to confirm that indeed the behavior needs modification. These are: 1. The child must have displayed some of the symptoms of ADHD for at least seven years. 2. The behaviors must be more severe than those of children at the same age. 3. The behavior must have shown some consistency for at least six years. 4. The behavior should at least be affecting two areas of the child’s life (e. g School or friendship). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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