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Dissertation Power Point Additions - Assignment Example

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(The author personally believes that childhood obesity can be tackled by interventions at family levels, and since success from these interventions would involve permanent behavioural changes, a holistic intervention would be necessary)
(Several studies are available, but there are no specific guidelines of intervention in the biomedical model of medicine that are successful in reducing the incidence and persistence of childhood obesity)
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Dissertation Assignment Power Point Additions
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Extract of sample "Dissertation Power Point Additions"

Download file to see previous pages (In many cases, inadequate knowledge on the biomedical factors related to obesity in childhood, the possible factors were not revealed, and as a result, the phenomenon of childhood obesity and its holistic medicine implications were less understood and hence remained unknown)
(Mainstream biomedical model of healthcare can access this population, but that field is totally unaware of the holistic dimension of the requisite interventions, hence fails to implement them leading to failure to control childhood obesity)
(This author's knowledge and expertise in holistic medicine and ability to apply appropriate research methodology may lead to delineation of guidelines based on clinical holistic medicine that may indeed fruitfully lead to successful interventions culminating into behavioral changes in children)
(Biomedical solutions have been ineffective in controlling these problems, although these have been able to deliver the factors that cause childhood obesity. Behavioral theories pertinent to holistic medicine indicate that lifestyle change is a matter of behavioral modification, which may be initiated by awareness about the factors related to the problem, but sustenance of these changed behaviors must have an element of self-effort on the part of individuals at risk or already affected)
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(Dissertation Assignment Power Point Additions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Dissertation Assignment Power Point Additions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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