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Counseling theories - Essay Example

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Counseling Theories Instructor Institution Date Abstract The problematic nature of the world we live in extends significant levels of stress and discomfort to particular individuals when confronted with certain situations. People engaged or met with stress require certain levels of support probably in form of consolation, advice or even physical support most of which entails financial support…
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Counseling theories
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Download file to see previous pages With the serious nature of stress and associated mental despair, counseling professionalism is required to help in restoring wellbeing of an individual from stress. A professional guidance and counseling psychologist requires deep knowledge of scrutinizing the victims of depression and design appropriate approach for confronting the pending situation and address the situation amicably without creating further tensions to already deprived persons. Due to seriousness accorded to the counseling and mental depression, this paper will conduct explicit research on at least three practical theories that can be used by counseling psychologists in conducting successful counseling. Longitudinally, the paper will explore detailed literature review that explains the various views on the possible theories of counseling. Counseling Theories Introduction It is without compromise that counseling occupies a very critical part of the contemporary society. With globalization, diversity and technological advancement, there have arisen several issue that require great deal of counseling psychology to help rest various problems faced by people of different statures. Due to ranges that exist in the levels, causes and resultant effects of stress and mental depressions, various theories of counseling have emerged to help psychologists execute perfect counseling illuminated at restoring normalcy at different situations of mental depression. Among the theories of concentration in this research are the Existential, Psychoanalytic and Behavioral theories of counseling. Psychoanalytic Theory In the reports of Flanagan and Flanagan (2010), a psychoanalytic theory is at times referred to as psychodynamic or objects relations theories, developed by Sigmund Freud. In developing the theory, Feud appeared neutral or pessimistic about human condition and nature. Psychoanalytic theory has strong belief that human personality and behavior are strongly controlled by nature of an individual during his/her childhood. Psychoanalytic theorists believe that human personality compose of conscious mind, preconscious and unconscious mind. Conscious mind has knowledge of the happenings in the present environment (Marquis, Holden & Fall, 2010). Unconscious mind on the other hand has particular hidden of forgotten memories of and experience. Preconscious mind tend to exhibit features of both conscious and unconscious mind. Flanagan and Flanagan (2010) report that psychoanalysts believe that humans have typical love for pleasure and overridden by great sexual desires and lusts. According to the report of Flanagan and Flanagan (2010), psychoanalytic theorists hold that human beings are greatly driven by human relationships and longitudinal needs instead of instinctual desires. In the views of Quigley (1998) under the psychoanalytic theory, human beings are made of three personalities mainly the id, the ego and superego. The id site of the psychoanalytic theory composes the unconscious mind and determines the likelihood of an individual to run from pain into pleasure. The site does not recognize right or wrong but is powerful on subject. The id site of the psychoanalytic theory is usually driven by human instincts and dominant genes. Ego site is a component of the conscious and preconscious mind and serves as a moderator between the id and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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