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Applied Project about Capital Punishment - Research Proposal Example

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Running Head: Research Proposal Research Proposal ABSTRACT Capital punishment is the verdict of death on an individual by legal procedure as a penalty for an offence. Crimes that can be the cause of a death penalty are identified as capital crimes…
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Applied Research Project about Capital Punishment
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Download file to see previous pages The research questions will be answered by applying learning theory of Skinner on capital punishment. This theory is based on the thought that learning is a function of alteration in explicit activities. This study will use a cross tabulation method. The ‘dependent variable’ is the way individuals perceive capital punishment and the nature of their opinions about it. The ‘independent variable’ will be age bracket (24 to 38 years) and gender (male). TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 RESEARCH DESIGN 4 Stage 1 4 Stage 2 6 Stage 3 7 Stage 4 9 CONCLUDING NARRATIVES 9 REFERENCES 11 RESEARCH DESIGN Stage 1 From the start of the capital punishment, quantitative methods have offered the main research methods for studying the distribution as well as causes. Quantitative methods offer various methods to acquire data that are functional to several features of society. The application of quantitative methods, for instance, as ‘survey research’, ‘field research’ and ‘evaluation research’ facilitate researchers to collect consistent and legitimate data, useful in the field of capital punishment. The data can, and is frequently, utilized by criminologists as well as other social scientists in making contributory statements regarding variables being studied. “Quantitative methods of research are the methods such as surveys and experiments that trace deviation within social life with respect to groupings that differ in amount. Data treated as quantitative are either numbers or features that can be structured in terms of magnitude” (Creswell, p. 92, 2008). Capital punishment is the verdict of death on an individual by legal procedure as a penalty for an offence. Crimes that can be the cause of a death penalty are identified as capital crimes. Quantitative research is the methodical experimental study of social occurrence by the use of statistical, numerical, or computational methods. The aim of quantitative research is to expand and utilize statistical approaches, theories, and/or theory relating to the occurrence. The method of measurement is essential for quantitative research for the reason that it offers the basic link between pragmatic study and statistical expression of quantitative links. Empirical links and associations are as well studied by applying some type of common “linear model, non-linear model, or by using factor analysis” (Creswell, p. 102, 2008). A basic standard in quantitative study is that ‘correlation’ does not involve ‘causation’. This belief pursues from the information that there is always a possibility of unauthentic link exists for variables between which ‘covariance’ is found in some amount. Connections may be studied between any permutation of incessant and uncompromising variables by techniques of statistics. In the study of capital punishment, the research methods are likely to be quantitative due to the possibility for preconception in qualitative research. One can come across many data that social scientists utilize to assess capital punishment these days. There are usually four methods to evaluate it with the intention of getting quantitative statistics. These four methods include monitoring, persecution descriptions, surveys of delinquents, and utilizing data that have been acquired previously. Monitoring is the excellent way to measure capital punishment. Another good way to measure data is surveying individuals who have been sufferers of it. This method is usually carried out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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