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Critical review of an article (Global Nurse Leaders) - Essay Example

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Harris Kanran Nursing Critical Review 5 July 2011 Global Nurse Leaders: A Critical Review Globalization has effected many sectors of industry, including the healthcare sector. This means that now, more than ever, there is a need to shift the focus from a national and domestic level to a more worldwide and global level, with a more international approach to the training and education of healthcare providers, especially nurses (Kim et al 27-42)…
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Critical review of an article (Global Nurse Leaders)
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Download file to see previous pages The pertinent study was important as there is an unsubstantial amount of literature present on the topic of global nursing, as much of the global leadership studies have been carried out in the sector of business management for global executives (Kim et al 27-42). Hence, with the increasing importance of the concept of the global nurse leaders, it was imperative that a study be carried out on the training and impact of clinical nurse leaders (Baernholdt and Cottingham 74-78). To this end, interviews based on modified questionnaires developed by McCall Jr. and Hollenbeck were conducted in written or oral format for a pool of carefully selected nurse candidates spanning across continents and cultures (Kim et al 27-42). The data thus collected was analyzed through “reflective thinking” based on “cognitive processes” (Kim et al 27-42). It was grouped into categories and compared with the results of a previous research for business executives by McCall Jr. and Hollenbeck (Kim et al 27-42), and similarities and differences were tabulated. The results, for the most part, were similar. There were, however, a couple of additional tenants for the global nurse training based on the nature of their job and the sociopolitical conditions which they would have to take under consideration while performing their activities on international fronts (Kim et al 27-42). Nurses, in general, face certain problems that had to be either addressed or considered while conducting this study, and indeed, some of those issues were the factors that led to the development of such a study. The most deep-rooted and effecting problem is that of gender discrimination in the healthcare sector among nurses; there are more females as practicing nurses and more males in management positions (Kim et al 27-42). This stems from the concept that only male leadership qualities are effective and indeed required for management; female qualities are inappropriate (Kim et al 27-42). This concept, although fast changing, still hampers the working of the clinical nurse leaders, especially when working in international countries (Kim et al 27-42). Moreover, nursing as a profession is often not respected in many cultures and the female nurses especially become the target of such discrimination based on the grounds of education and professional status (Kim et al 27-42). The concept of leadership in nursing is a relatively new concept, and many nurses still deny the importance of management skills and leadership qualities in their line of work, taking nursing to be a domestic and local affair, handled by trained managers (Kim et al 27-42). This attitude, most probably, is a result of the lack of formal training programs on international healthcare and international relations; both disciplines holding an important position in the training of clinical nurse leaders (Kim et al 27-42). The results of the study indicate certain factors that are required for the development and training of global nurse leaders. Foremost, it must be understood that global leaders require not only the healthcare skills, but also a high and flexible adaptation to and understanding of the culture of the countries in which they intend to serve (Kim et al 27-42 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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