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Social Psychology Assignment - Essay Example

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Social Psychology Week 1 Assignment 1 Write thoughts about how two to three major events or trends have influenced the field of social psychology and why you think their influence is important. Then, discuss a recent event or trend that you think has the potential to inspire a line of research in social psychology…
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Social Psychology Assignment
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"Social Psychology Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages There are several other ways that aim to describe what social psychology is all about. Dr.Susan Fiske (2007) goes on to explain how the core focus of social psychology is on how an individual interacts in a social setting. It is mainly for this reason why the study of social psychology is so easily relatable for people who study it. There are significant trends that have had a great influence on the field of social psychology. One of these recent trends that comes to my mind is that of the controversy that has been generated by social issues that encompass the rights of homosexuals in the social order. In influence of it is such that psychological research has made it a significant part of the development of the social theory. The increased issues, debates and lines of arguments those are all pivotal to the concept of homosexuality that to know more about the topic by analyzes it in a depth is of central importance mainly because it involves public policy and legal issues; such as having reduced legal status and the prohibition of gay marriages in so many geographic localities. Also if you look at a lot of the social psychology experiments that have been carried out by psychologists such as Zimbardo’s prison simulation and Milgram’s electric shock study, we see that much of their main research is developed by being influenced of the behavior of individuals grouped together and their actions in social settings following the World War 2. Looking at how authority figures play such a critical role in shaping behavior was a key aspect that was extensively studied post the war. A recent event that occurred was the tsunami that hit Japan early in March this year. This event can lead to a social psychology study of victims of a natural disaster. The types of questions can focus on the social support received by these victims and the help seeking tendencies of the individuals who were affected by a natural disaster of such magnitude. References Allport, G. W. (1985). The historical background of social psychology. In G. Lindzey, and E. Aronson, (Eds.), Handbook of Social Psychology, 1, (3), 1-46 Baron, R., Branscombe, N., Byrne, D. (2009). Social Psychology (12th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.  Dr. Susan Fiske and Dr. Harry Triandis.  "Introduction". DVD program . Assignment 2 What I found most interesting about Jennifer’s work was the fact that the event that she mentioned that influenced social psychology was that of the Columbine Massacre in 1999. Having the not known about the event I was intrigued by critical social aspects and the implications that it had on social psychology as we know it today. It was interesting to know that the two teenagers who lashed out and killed 13 people and then themselves at suburban Denver’s Columbine High School weren’t the typical individuals you would expect to go on a shooting spree. Initially it was said that they were victims of bullying creating a national debate over the deep rooted implications of the issue. However I came across a article in USA Today that stated that the diaries discovered showed that the two boys Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hadn’t been good kids who were victims of bullying in fact they were picking on freshmen and other students. That significantly changes the outlook on the entire incident and brings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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