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Can learning disabilities develop low self-esteem at an early age - Research Paper Example

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RUNNING HEAD: LEARNING DISABILITIES AND LOW SELF-ESTEEM Can learning disabilities develop low self-esteem at an early age? [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Can learning disabilities develop low self-esteem at an early age? Introduction The human behavior depicts a variety of behaviors and is influenced by attitudes, culture, values, emotions, authority, ethics, hypnosis, rapport, coercion persuasion and/or genetics…
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Can learning disabilities develop low self-esteem at an early age
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"Can learning disabilities develop low self-esteem at an early age"

Download file to see previous pages The determination of self-esteem in an individual's personality can be made through the evaluation of the skills and capabilities, and reflecting upon the realization of being valued and accepted by others (Hewitt, John, 2009). Each individual has a sense of dignity, and during the course of his experiments, it is the self-image that fluctuates and varies considerably. Recent researches show that the self-portrait of an individual changes throughout life and continues to change even after eighty years. Self-esteem is the positive value that is recognized globally as an individual as well as in each of the important areas of life. People are not born with self-made image. The children first learn to see in the eyes of people who are important to them: their parents, their siblings, their teachers, and finally their friends. In case of children who experience learning disabilities, it is arduous to develop a positive self-esteem. This is due to the fact they are given negative feedbacks from others because they tend to experience failures more than the normal children. The children undergoing learning disabilities (LD) frequently counter problems which extend beyond those experienced in writing, reading, memory, math, or organization. Ultimately, many of them suffer from strong feelings of anger, frustration, shame, or sadness, and this, in turn, results in them becoming victim to various psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Besides this, such children also develop numerous behavioral problems including substance juvenile delinquency or abuse. According to Dr. Marshall Raskind, a practitioner and expert in the capacity of learning disabilities, these problems may pose more devastating consequences for the children than their academic challenges themselves (Linda Broatch, 2012). There have been several leading researchers and experts in the learning disabilities field who have studied the psychological tensions and hardships usually countered by the children suffering from LD. Conversely, these studied also offer recommendations and suggestions to the teachers as well as parents regarding the ways in which these children may be protected and prevented from developing these problems in them. The current research paper is based upon the aim to assess whether the presence of learning disabilities in an individual lower the self-esteem at an early age. The study will reflect upon the fundamentals of the topic under discussion and illustrate it with the help of elaborated literature. It will facilitate the reader with the impacts that are caused by learning disabilities in children on their psychology and ultimately, their self-esteem. The causes, consequences and challenges of LD will be studied and detail so that the reader is able to reach a concrete conclusion. Theoretical Discussion For children with learning difficulty (LD), life becomes tough and tougher with passing time. It can be hard for anyone to negotiate the phases of childhood and adolescence and grow up as a sensibly balanced adult after coping up with the difficulties of life. In such a situation, learning disabilities pose serious consequences to the sensibility and rational abilities of any child or adult. The learning disabilities, or learning disorders, are known as an umbrella term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Can Learning Disabilities Develop Low Self-Esteem at an Early Age Research Paper.
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