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Name Instructor Institution: Date Major Depression Disorder Major depressive disorder, also known as the Unipolar disorder, involves changes in the mood of an individual (Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive Application, 2012). Such moods include sadness, anxiety, and apathy…
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Psychological Disorder Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Ever since, her romantic life has spiraled to the ground. Further, the disorder may sometimes be characterized by changes in sleep patterns, as well as significant changes in appetite and weight (Barlow & Durand, 2005). Major depressive disorder, in other terms, is a situation whereby a person may be experiencing serious disturbance of the mood, actions, attention processes, and bodily health. In the case of Marla, depression has been brought about her divorce and unsocial life. Major depressive disorder should not be taken for granted, nor should it be related with feelings felt when a loved one dies or divorce. In most cases, sadness and grief are used to react to normal life challenges. With time, and in most cases without taking prescription drugs, sadness and grief fade away, and Marla may continue with their normal lives. On the contrary, without good treatment, Marla’s depression resulting from Divorce and the care of her children who have been forced to live in a single parent life situation often persists. But with careful specialized treatment, most people improve significantly (Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive Application, 2012). In most instances, major depressive disorder is recurrent, episodic illness. ...
should be noted that seeking help or other health care practitioners is important and in most cases a decisive step in the right direction towards recovery. Many people with major depressive disorder often do not realize that they have a health problem. Their loved ones and their family members may consider depression to be a sign of personal weakness. Some depressed individuals, often blame themselves for having the moods and feelings that are linked to their illness, they therefore choose not to seek medication. The signs and symptoms of major depressive disorder should not cause shame and discomfort to any person. The symptoms are very important in instances when medical help in required. Medical practitioners are becoming more and more informed that depression is a very serious illness. The route of an incident of major depressive disorder is expected, and there are many treatments that tackle different aspects of the illness and, in the several majorities of cases, produce a positive effect (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Major depressive disorder is one type of depressive illness or mood disorder. Other types of depressive illness consist of bipolar disorder also known as manic-depressive illness and Dysthmia. Bipolar disorder involves a condition of depression alternating between conditions of mania and Dysthymia (Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive Application, 2012). Mania involves a situation whereby an individual experiences high and extreme feelings that may be dangerous to the individual, Marla has had bad relationship experiences in her life that are really disturbing her mind. On the contrary, Dysthymia involves conditions similar to those experienced in major depressive disorder. The symptoms are milder but may last for some time, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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