The Analysis of Bias in the Media - Essay Example

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The researcher of this current paper aims to examine and present the differences and similarities of two articles that tackle a particular issue through thematic analysis. Lastly, it discusses the implications of bias found in a particular article. …
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The Analysis of Bias in the Media
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the news is not an accurate reflection of actual events or reality. The news presented in the media is a story about events instead of events per se. These stories are created by journalists who are highly influenced by various constraints outside their control. In addition, journalists are also influenced by some other factors, which determine what stories get presented in the news. The information presented in the media influences public opinion and views in numerous ways. It possesses the ability to influence the individual's attitudes and beliefs by virtue of its delivery system. The information provided by the media and the manner it is presented significantly affects what people believe and think. The media do not only prime individuals, but it also frames the information. The press determines what issues should be considered by the public as important through priming. An issue is regarded by readers as important when it is placed in the front page. Similarly, there is a tendency for readers to favor one side of the issue compared to the other side due to the amount of information provided to this side. Thus, the press posters bias in presenting news stories. It consequently impels individuals to support a partial view at the expense of other alternatives. Bias is defined as the inclination to espouse a partial view at the expense of other alternative. Most individuals consider the news presented by the media as bias....
277). Bias may be knowingly or unknowingly fostered through agenda-setting. Agenda-setting is based on the premise that media influence the public agenda through selecting certain topics for news coverage. This consequently determines what issues will be considered by the public as fundamental or important. The journalist’s decisions, on what events or issues to include in the coverage, significantly matter with the various stories available on a daily basis (Geer, Schiller, Segal, & Glencross, 2011, p. 231). Shaw and McCombs (as cited in Harris & Tichenor, 2009, p. 267) studied agenda setting, in the media coverage of the 1968 presidential campaign. Findings indicated that voters put importance on particular issues in such a manner that reflects the coverage of such issues in the media. Thus, issues considered by the media as important were consequently deemed by the public as important. The media focused on terrorism during 2004. The voters in the U.S. began to regard terrorism as one of the pressing problems during such period. Thus, most voters cast their votes for George W. Bush as he concentrated on fighting terrorism (cited in Davis, 2009, p. 11). Mullen et al. (as cited in Giles, 2003, p. 216) asserted that newsreaders may unknowingly influence the interpretation of the audience for a particular news material. These researchers studied how the newsreader’s facial expressions influence the response of viewers to information being reported. The study concentrated on the coverage of the 1984 presidential campaign in the U.S. wherein Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale. Subjects were asked by the researchers to rate facial expressions of different newscasters ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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