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Adolescent Depression - Research Paper Example

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The client is a 14 years old girl who as referred to the student support center by her teachers. She was referred as the teachers were concerned about her increasing absence from school and her falling grades. …
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Adolescent Depression
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"Adolescent Depression"

Download file to see previous pages Her parents were also worried about her lack of concentration as well as her short attention span. Total Sessions with Client: The client attended 60 minutes of weekly counseling from 12th of June to 28th of August 2011. Prior to the counseling an initial interview was done on the 10th of June 2011. The therapy was terminated after 13 sessions. The client reported significant reduction depression and gained self confidence. She also stated that she always feels dispirited, gloomy, and blue. Client Presentation: The client presented herself as a shy person but she was shabbily dressed. She avoided eye contact and was not keen with the interview. When asked about how she feels and state of mind, the client replied saying that she often fell sad, lonely and unworthy. Even though the client was very shy, she articulated herself clearly with precision in her words. Her speech was at a normal rate and there was no evidence to show any signs of neither delusions nor hallucinations. The client was oriented to time, place and person. The client does not show any sign of perpetual disturbance or memory impairment. When talking about herself, she time and again displayed negative thoughts and inferiority complex about herself. Risk assessment was conducted on the client and there was no immediate risk noticed. When asked about her parents and siblings, the client was uncomfortable and was quite depressed. Problem Situation: The client reported feeling uneasy about herself among her classmates and always felt self conscious and unworthy. She also stated that she felt uneasy about life and felt that people think of her as a freak. The client sated that she does not like hanging out in a large group and she is feels uneasy with her classmates. She also stated that she hates attending extra circular activities in school and any other types of social gathering as it makes her depressed. The client feels at home by herself. She hated even just the ideas of interacting in a social group as she felt that they always judged her. She stated that life is not worthwhile living and often romanticize about suicide. The client reported having trouble concentrating on things especially on her school work. She also stated that she always feel lonely despite the fact that she longed to be alone most of the time. She also stated that she does not like her house either as it is always suffocating her. She further explained her large family and the deterioration in the relationships with the family members. She is also very concerned about what others think of her and her family. The teachers state that the client always seems to be in a world of her own. She does not have any strong relationship with anyone from her class. She was lacking behind academically and always looked sad, withdrawn and unwilling to cooperate with the teachers and her classmates. They further explained that she never completed her homework and never pay attention in the classroom. The client’s parents stated that she failed to have any bond with her peers and often felt excluded. They also stated that most of the time she choose to sit alone in her room and often refused to open the door  for her siblings and her parents. They further explained that she would often cry by herself and would retaliate by being silent for the whole week when asked to babysit her little brother and sisters. Her mother also reported that the client have difficulty in concentrating on anything for a long period and would often forget things. The client stated that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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