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Discipline Investigation: The Field of Accounting - Assignment Example

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The author sets up an interview with a recognized accountant working for Deloitte whose name is John Thorn. The interviews aim at providing me with the relevant information about the qualifications, the job requirements and the expectations placed on an individual in the accounting field.  …
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Discipline Investigation: The Field of Accounting
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Extract of sample "Discipline Investigation: The Field of Accounting"

Download file to see previous pages The field of accounting is very broad and the demand for professionals in this field is never-ending. This is because there remain continuous needs for professional who is capable of measuring, communicating or translating financial information. It is no wonder that many refer to accounting as the language of business. Businesses continue to mushroom while the professionals reduce by natural attrition or retire. There are high chances of a person in the field of accounting getting absorbed in the job market due to the increase in the need for their services. The only down thing is that they pay for some may not be as expected especially in areas where there are many people practicing accounting. It is notable that many people who major in accounting possess a love for the profession therefore; it is a passion rather than pay that is their main driver.

I have selected the option of accounting because I bear the love of calculations especially in relation to business since my tender age. My family has business and I found interest in how their finances were and I was fascinated by how I could use the financial data to forecast the future of the business in terms of financial returns, growth or overall success. Additionally, I find interest in the dynamics in the economy and businesses with a larger perspective. Thirdly, the remuneration offered on securing a good job with an accounting firm can allow me to live as I prefer while also enhancing my expertise and doing what I find interesting. I am hopeful that I can develop the necessary expertise in several areas of accounting such as financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting or auditing.

Mr. John comes from a long line of accountants in his family. It was not because there were other accountants that he decided to be an accountant. He loved the idea of doing accounting regardless if it was related to taxes, auditing, and finances or for management decision making. He first did his bachelor of science in accounting at the University of Boston where he qualifies well.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discipline Investigation: The Field of Accounting Assignment.
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