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Convergence: Can It Coexist in the Realm of Public and Private Security - Research Paper Example

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The following research would draw a comparison and contrast of the definition of the convergence as a term from two different perspectives: public and private security. convergence implies a common ground between the two extremes; public and private…
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Convergence: Can It Coexist in the Realm of Public and Private Security
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Extract of sample "Convergence: Can It Coexist in the Realm of Public and Private Security"

Download file to see previous pages Since the beginning of civilization, there had always been the need for security against crime and disorder. In the nineteenth and most part of the twentieth century, the matter of security has mostly been dealt with as public. It is now, in the second decade of the 21st century that we see an increase in the private security systems. Although the private security firms are not controlled as rigidly as the official police department they must still respect the rights of others (Hess, 2008).
Conveyance by definition means to focus at a central point. Just like the beams from a light source converge to a central point after passing through a convex lens. In this particular context, convergence implies a common ground between the two extremes; public and private.
It is interesting to compare the public and private security fields. There is no denying that a conflict exists between the two. For instance on private property, police and other public security forces have less authority than private guards. This is a general comparison of the power between the two sides. Private security can ask the police to step off the private property. It is a challenge to police power that has legal backing. The private guards are only acting within their legal rights.
The comparison also seems interesting in terms of representation. The police represent the city, county or state. The private security firms don’t represent government organizations; they represent the private property owners because their job is their protection and security. As for the matter of on and off-duty parameters are concerned, an off-duty officer is still legally bound by the 4th and the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
The police have other restrictions that keep them from asking everyone if they live on a certain private property or not. The police also cannot ask every person what their business is. Violating this can drag the police into a civil lawsuit.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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