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Personal and Professional Expertise - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment under the title "Personal and Professional Expertise" comments on the professional development. As the author of the text puts it, "Since my days in high school, I have always been extremely jealous of the Hospitality industry". …
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Personal and Professional Expertise
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Extract of sample "Personal and Professional Expertise"

Professional Development
Since my days in high school, I have always been extremely zealous of the Hospitality industry. Apart from the recurrent encouragements I received from my beloved parents, there are other numerous factors that inspired my interest in the Hospitality domain (Johns 2008, p. 76). For instance, I have always been thrilled by the fact that the industry continues to promptly develop. In accordance with The World Travel Organization (WTO), this dynamic industry of hospitality will tripartite in extent in the next ten years. This subsequently offers me a vast opportunity to accomplish my career dreams in this extremely vital industry. The industry encompasses myriad fields of book learning including events organization, study of foreign languages along with travel and tourism. As a consequence, I am confident that the field well suits my personalities.
A Review and Reflection of the Presentation Experience
I previously worked with the Hakkasan restaurant for about two years as a bartender. This accordingly offered me sufficient experience and confidence to face the panel of interrogators for the duration of the presentation. I chose to dress elegantly in line with the international code of ethics. I wore a sophisticated blue shirt, stylish pressed trousers and well-designed heel boots. Considering the significance of hygiene, I also kept my hair kempt and appeared entirely organized.
As usual, I knew the interrogation would be in English. However, I did not have sufficient time to rehearse and sharpen my language expertise. I first drafted the cover letter for job application and sat an essay test which I managed to finish on time before presenting before the panel of interrogators. I completely soothed down my nervous tension and definitely felt at ease. I also felt comforted by the fact that the assessors made very little eye contact with me. Instead, they focused on their files and scribbled on them while asking the questions (Johns 2008, p.34). I assertively answered the questions hoping to do pretty well in the presentation. Regrettably, I did not perform absolutely well in my speech. The panel was however pleased by my writing and utterly appreciated my participation. I was subsequently directed to try and develop my English language proficiency along with my confidence. I certainly learnt the significance of apt communication skills in employment and hope to improve on it.
Basically, I enjoy interacting with people. As a result, I find pleasure in assisting guests to get acquainted with restaurants or hotels. As a matter of fact, the gratification of the needs of the guests is my priority (Johns 2008, p.66). I have always used my immense connections with professionals to acquire more details of the Hospitality industry along with vast information about the respective institutions that I do share with myriad clients. What's more, it's always been my delusion to work in an institution where apt dress code is upheld. The Hospitality industry provides such an environment where people dress tidily in suits and classy heels while attending to their treasurable clients.
Embracing the love for hospitality in my life has always called for discipline, diligence, and headship through a wide range of challenges. The Hospitality industry has taught me to be poised and committed to my duties. Above and beyond, I revel in seeing people interact and gather with their families. This creates an extremely pacific and appealing atmosphere. I also have special experiences of organizing merriments in my former place of employment. I every so often participated in ornamenting the restaurant with decorative lights and organizing the rehearsal records. As a result, I got to understand people’s diversity and experiences.
Johns, F 2008, Proffesional Development: Personal and Professional Expertise, Cengage Learning EMEA, Clifton. Read More
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(Personal and Professional Expertise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Personal and Professional Expertise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Personal and Professional Expertise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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