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The National Transport Safety Board Most Wanted List - Research Paper Example

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The paper gives detailed information about NTSB most wanted List. The objective of this research paper is to discuss the reasons why runway safety made the most wanted list and to discuss some of the implementation solutions implemented by both FAA and NTSB to increase runway safety…
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The National Transport Safety Board Most Wanted List
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Extract of sample "The National Transport Safety Board Most Wanted List"

Download file to see previous pages One of the non-technical solutions is providing training for the pilots, other crewmembers and air traffic controllers. The board has emphasized that pilot training and procedures should ensure that they obtain knowledge for distance assessments for landing, especially in the case of a contaminated runway. This training should involve training on maximum performance when stopping on slippery runways, and a method of identifying the best runway for their aircraft (NTSB Media, 2012). The Federal Aviation Administration, which is responsible for training air navigation personnel, has also ensured that the air traffic controllers working in the airports are properly equipped with the knowledge to help them convey important flight information to the pilots in good time. This organization has also been very strict when selecting air traffic personnel to ensure that they end up with the kind of people who have the capacity to deliver. On the other hand, the flight owners associations have contributed a lot by ensuring that all the pilots are properly trained and it has been making sure that they meet certain standards. Another non-technical solution is the setting up of laws that have to be followed and standards that have to be met by the involved stakeholders in the aviation sector. The Federal Aviation Administration has rules that govern the conduct of air traffic controllers and others which have to be followed by the flight owners. In addition, this organization has a pool of regulations that help in ensuring safety in air transport. Furthermore, it sets standards which have to be met by both all the air traffic controllers and also others which have to be met by flight companies operating in America’s airspace. The National Transport Safety Board, on the other hand, set rules and guideline regarding the recruitment of pilots and other crew members to enhance safety. As of late, it has also set some standards that have to be met by the institutions that train pilots. The Flight Owners Association on its size sets rules to be followed by all flight owners and sets standards on the level of competency required in a flight company. These three organizations coordinate very well in ensuring that the rules create and the standards they put are in line with their objective of ensuring air transport safety. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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