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Wine Cork Closure Types and Wine Stability - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Wine Cork Closure Types and Wine Stability" will provide a detailed research on whether or not the increase in wine stability by the decrease in “cork taint” is offset by a decrease in customer demand due to a lack of acceptance of the new closures…
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Wine Cork Closure Types and Wine Stability
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Extract of sample "Wine Cork Closure Types and Wine Stability"

Download file to see previous pages The corks are not perfect enough to block all of the oxygen which serves the purpose but they are fallible too which can result in crumbling, breaking, leaking and also, forming the corked wine. It has been found that 5-10% of the wine bottles from the merchant’s shelf are corked. The cork closure provides the ceremonial tradition of opening the wine bottle with the popping action. Synthetic and screw cap closures are used as alternatives to the cork closures. The synthetic closures are not successful since they too pass the plastic taints to the wine. Screw Cap closures which are made of aluminum alloy casing which forms the outer layer of the closure with an inner lining of expanded polyethylene which air tights the bottle on compression. Screw cap closures are better wine closures than the cork ones and are also, comparatively expensive due to the material used in them but this expense is lower than the loss incurred due to the corked wines by the cork closures. The viability of wine aging for screw caps is a question that needs to be investigated and answered. So far, screw caps serve as the best wine closures as they eradicate the problems of oxidation, cork taint, leakage, breaking and crumbling.
Despite the benefits of the screw caps over the natural corks, wine producers fear that the screw caps might not be accepted by the wide majority of the customers/consumers due to the tradition and myths attached with the cork closures and the screw caps respectively. The premier burgundy winemakers from France, Louis Jadot are contemplating to switch their wine cork closures to screw caps and thus, are determined to investigate about the impact on customer demand and acceptance of their wine with the new closure as it will increase the wine quality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wine Cork Closure Types and Wine Stability Research Paper.
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