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Module 3 SLP Assignment - Coursework Example

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A research on the on the marketing and financial records indicate that the purchasing patterns of the customers are typically based on the quality and price of the tablet that basically is a function of the materials that are used in the manufacture of the tablets. In the…
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Module 3 SLP Assignment
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"Module 3 SLP Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages This information is compiled in the form of a report.
When the full record of the report has been compiled together, the decision of acquiring the inputs, their marketing, financial costs, tablets production and even how to handle competitors in the market place is determined. This is done through different approaches that are based on the costs, volume and profit margins so as to give greater focus on the features of the products that will meet the desires and need of most customers. These set of decisions will ensure that the company maximizes production of products that is mostly needed by the customers while at the same time minimizes cost as the profit margins are maximized.
According the cost and profit aspects, the company decided to change the value of the brand so as to exercise a different strategy that will help the company to minimise the cost of manufacturing the products as the increase their profit margin. Following the need and desire of the potential customer, the company revised and set the values of each and every brand. The value of X5 was set at $300 while that of X6 and X7 was set at $450 and $ 200 respectively. This change of price will also reduce the R&D by about 10% that eventually will cause an increase in the volume of the products so that the profit margin to increase by the same value. These set of values can be very useful in the generation of the profits of the year 2016. To make effective strategies in marketing of the products, the department that is in char of marketing must make some improvement so that the strategies can be set in such a way that they ensure profitability. The table below shows the results of the revised strategies
These decisions are majorly based on the cost, revenue and profits of the company. The main contributing factor will be profit margins as this is the unifying set of goals and objective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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