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The Internet/Intellectual Property Rights - Assignment Example

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In essence, Smart Borders was a concept developed by the Homeland Security of the United States and presented to the White House after the 9/11 terrorist attack (Andreas, 2009). This concept was developed with an intention of preventing future terrorist attacks and minimize the…
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The Internet/Intellectual Property Rights
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Extract of sample "The Internet/Intellectual Property Rights"

The Internet and Intellectual Property Rights The Internet and Intellectual Property Rights What are "Smart Borders" In essence, Smart Borders was a concept developed by the Homeland Security of the United States and presented to the White House after the 9/11 terrorist attack (Andreas, 2009). This concept was developed with an intention of preventing future terrorist attacks and minimize the susceptibility of the U.S. to terrorism by identifying element related to terrorism and subsequently preventing their entry into the country. In this respect, Smart Borders are denoted by Andreas (2009) as borders that incorporate strategies outside the United States to monitor individuals and goods destined to the United States preceding their advent. According to Andreas (2009), the concept of Smart Borders also incorporates further scrutiny of these individuals and goods at the point of entry to the United States to ascertain their conformity to laid down regulations.
What is intellectual property (IP) theft. How is or how can IP violations be rendered undesirable or unprofitable. Is enforcing IP violations worth the trouble. Why or why not?
According to National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (2011), Intellectual property theft constitutes stealing other peoples trade secrets, trademarks, and patents. This is achieved through producing pirated, substandard or generic products hence denying the original innovator the underlying benefits from the innovation. There are a number of ways IP violations have been made undesirable. Firstly, efforts have been made by some international companies to desist from setting up production outlets in countries lacking IP enforcement such as China. A good example is the case of Intel outlined by National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (2011). Other efforts to render IP violations undesirable include increased border inspections on goods and individuals, and taking administrative and legal actions against violators (National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, 2011). In reference to National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (2011), enforcing IP violations is worth the trouble as some of the counterfeit products present risks to the health of the public, results to huge losses on the rights holder, and also negatively affects the economy through lost tax revenues and displacing authentic production factories.
Fully discuss Executive Order 13,133. How can the use or misuse of the internet affect the economy?
The executive order 13133 of August 5, 1999 was an order by the President of the United States requiring the constitution of a committee to explicate and subsequently give suggestions, advice and proposals detailing the scope in which federal guidelines present an adequate foundation for successful investigations and trial of criminal behavior on the internet such as child pornography, degree in which modern technology and legal systems of power could be applied in investigating internet based crimes, and the prospective of available and technological devices to edify relevant stakeholders in curtailing prohibited behavior on the internet (EO 13133, 1999). Misuse of the internet can negatively affect the economy as illegal activities such as unlawful trade involving guns, child pornography and prohibited drugs translates to loss of revenue in terms of taxes.
Andreas, P. (2009). Border Games: Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide (2nd ed.). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University.
EO 13133. (1999). Executive Order 13133 of August 5, 1999: Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet. Retrieved from title3-vol1/pdf/CFR-2000-title3-vol1-eo13133.pdf
National Intelligence Property Rights Coordination Center. (2011). Intellectual Property Rights Violations: A Report on Threats to United States Interests at Home and Abroad. Retrieved from reports/IPR%20Center%20Threat%20Report%20and%20Survey.pdf/ Read More
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