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Logistics business - Essay Example

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Export works together with import as a counterpart, import involves the purchase and sale of items from another country and distribute within the nation…
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Logistics business
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Extract of sample "Logistics business"

Academic Logistics Business Introduction The act of producing goods and services with an aim of trading or selling them to a different nation is best known as export. Export works together with import as a counterpart, import involves the purchase and sale of items from another country and distribute within the nation. The company or manufacturer that produces goods and services always performs exporting or importing in stipulations of logistics and sales operations. Import and export business is always governed by the government policies and different regulations. These policies are in line with the elements of information about export and import business.
In my business, I opted in the import of vehicles business. The business is planned according to the requirements of the federal government. The first step that I looked is the partnership between local traders who are essential to the business survival. They are the main consumer of the imported goods hence the important to partner with them. Import business is essential to any nation around the world since no country can survive on its own.
In my business, we use clearance services and shipping services that make importing the vehicles easy and flawless. Complete customs clearance is offered to my client’s special requirements. On the on other hand, after buying the vehicle the entire process is handled by team of professionals within the company. The services have enables the company to beat other competitors in terms of market competence. In details concerning the services offered, it is a requirement that the vehicle must be admissible to the US and customers always check to comply. After that the notice is submitted to the customs department before the transaction is affected ( . There are also charges that are required from the customers, for example 5% GST among other charges. The business also require different documents from the clients such as bill of sale, certificate of title or producer’s certificate of source, and recall clearance letter.
Customer Care Strategy/tactics
In any business, customer care service is a key factor to help the business in maintains good relationship with customers and other stakeholders. Handling the whole process of car import to the customer is an important strategy to help the business gain more clients hence more income profit for the business. It also encourages customer loyalty to the business. Staying in touch with the customer is an important strategy that helps the business understands the needs of the customer and where to improve for the benefit of the organization. Other strategies include making a good service as the most considered priority, appropriate response to customer investigations, knowing the clients and controlling the relationship with the customer.
Inventory Quantity and Transportation Methods
For the items to get to the customers, transportation means must be made available for effective service. In this case, air and sea are the main means of transportation. The vehicles are obtained from the manufacturing nations through sea and air where they are taken after clearance by different agencies in line with the federal regulations.
Accession No.
Car Make
Year of Manufacture
Siddeley Motors
Sapphire 248
1997 Armstrong Siddley Sapphire 248, blue
Aston Martin
Austin Lagonda
Lagonda DB.4
A.Lagonda 2007 DB.4, white
Austin L.
A.Lagonda 2002 Sedan, green
Auburn Ltd
7HP Rubby
Auburn 7HP Rubby 1992, Silver
British Motor coop.
8HP Saloon
Austin 8HP Saloon 2002, red
Figure 1: Inventory record
Work Cited
Basic International trade: Customs retrieved from Read More
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